The beauty of creation is that God allows us to participate in His continuing work. He alone can make something out of nothing and preserve it in order for future generations to gain a profitable return. But He allows those things that originated from Him to pass through a vehicle of delivery. The attachment to and love for what has become an extension of the person is inseparable. Think about it…God made woman for purpose of procreation. The continuance and expansion of creation has been given to her charge. Without her, life would end at the death of what currently exists. Things die during the winter season and life appears to be suspended. But when springtime comes, new life begins to bud in places of lifelessness. The barren womb rejoices over the pregnancy of hope while latent potential is developed as the process continues in the secrecy of the hidden place of the womb.

Only God could have thought of such a grand idea and purpose as to place so magnificent a wonder in His creation. The complexity of the process may be studied and examined but never completely figured out. The personalities of two distinct individuals merged into one unique being as a means of demonstrating the command of God that “the two shall become one flesh.” Not born to duplicate the past of its origin but rather a continuance to carry the original plan of God to future generations. He allows both the husband and wife to nurture the child into fulfilling his or her own destiny and the two shall become one in the process of creation through procreation. She becomes more than a wife by embracing the role of a mother. The future of all humanity is given birth through her. Things so vital to the preservation and progress of all people must pass through her if they are to ever exist. God created it that way and His way shall forever stand.

Nations are born. Although kings, presidents, and potentates will rise and fall, they all have one common origin. They all had to be born. Each was once a child. A mother once carried that child in her precious womb. The child is loved and nurtured into the formation of its character. More takes place than the casual observer realizes when the wife becomes a mother. The envisioned future of many past generations rests in her heart when she is drawn by love to her life partner. Together, they produce that which is greater than themselves because it will exist after they have passed from their earthly habitation. Not does she give birth to future hope, but she is also gives birth to a legacy. What speaks louder than words is what we leave behind after we are gone.

Our truest statement and confession of faith is our children. What did your life really represent? Was there a real purpose for your existence? The answer to those questions and the evidence that you lived your life intentionally is expressed through the children that you raised. But if it had not been for their mother, they could not have been carried long enough to be born. I am what I am and who I am because of where I came from. God set the process in motion for life to be a continuum and not a thing of the past. What exists now can be changed through future generations but only if He influences mothers to live and love according to His original design. Thank God for mothers! They are precious in His sight for they carry the future within their wombs.