Isaiah 40:3 “The voice of one crying in the wilderness: Prepare the way of the Lord; Make straight in the desert a highway for our God.”

There is a clear voice of reason crying among many clouded voices that appeals to the conscience of this generation that rests its experience on feeling rather than thinking. And where there is though, is conscience a part of the process? The voice has become the minority that has been forced into obscure places. If truth has the power to remedy the ills of society and there is an important question, why must it be sequestered in the wilderness instead of placed in the public square? The voice of truth cries out, although muffled by the hustle and bustle of the crowd in its rush towards self-destruction. A cry may be a loud proclamation or a grievous lamentation. However, Wisdom proclaims her distressed message loudly because she has been forced into unoccupied places. The wilderness journey of truth has led her on a path where only those who seek after her may find her. She is not lost but rather rejected—exiled among the nomads who take the road less traveled and are ridiculed by the crowds of fools rushing in where angels dare to tread.

All voices sound alike to those who are hearing impaired. A foreign language is mere babble and gibberish to one who cannot interpret the strangeness of unfamiliar words. But when we speak the same language, senseless communication can spread through its mutual sharing. The world is on the process of becoming one language and one mind, similar to the days when the Tower of Babel was erected. It persists on television, radio, and other forms of media with a message that none can miss. The outsiders are those who disagree, reason on a different level, and can no longer assimilate with the rest of society. As a result, they exist on the fringes; banished to the wilderness to cry out among themselves.

Repetition has the power to wear down the resistance of the will. Brainwashing occurs when one seeks justification for a thing because he feels that if it is endorsed by many, it must be true. Our generation is being brainwashed without even knowing. This is not what the majority once believed, but it is what they have come to know. The shift occurred gradually and strategically, forming a mass mindset directly opposed to the Word of God. This is the “great delusion” and “spirit of error” prophesied in days past. Yet, in the isolated places away from public opinion, the voice of God calls, making an appeal to any who would listen with their hearts to what their ears may never hear. Deep within the soul is that place of dissatisfaction where nothing fits correctly.

When we come out into the wilderness to hear the Word of the Lord, we are changed. But not only are we changed, the wilderness becomes a place of provision for us. The Psalmist writes that “He turns a wilderness into pools of water, and dry land into watersprings” (Psalms 107:35), where we can be both nourished and refreshed. God does not always follow the way of convention. The desperate soul will not be satisfied with the crumbs of knowledge that may fall from the table as a result of science, technology, religion, or any other source. The desperate nature of the soul will be in pursuit of seeing and knowing the Lord, and it is the voice that cries in preparation for Him to make a highway in the wilderness on which the Lord Jesus Christ will blaze with His glory.