The fulfillment of a prophecy and a longstanding plea are directed towards the Church on behalf of the world. Out of necessity, culture must be transformed if God is ever to be glorified among those who profess to be called by His name. As the world develops a full expression of hostility towards God and any symbolic representation of Him, our light must shine brighter in this darkened environment. As a result of this troubling condition, the attempts to either silence or compromise our witness are expressed as an acceptable alternative. While many have bought into the lie that authentic faith in the one true and living God is too narrow and confining, we must stand firm to our convictions.  Yes, it is true that we must seek out unconventional ways to convey and proclaim our message, but we must not allow our creativity to overrule our primary intent.

God seeks those who choose to fully participate with Him as agents of change in a hostile world that is void of spiritual understanding. This is not a part-time job for part-time Christians; the nominal Christian is already defeated by default.  If none see both the need for change and the need to become instruments of reconciliation, God will raise up another generation to do what this generation has neglected to do. Just look around and see what is happening all over the world…Now, take a glimpse at the conditions that have reached your neighborhood. The fears and threats of annihilation are all around us. None appear to be safe, which not only affects our comfort level, but the safety of our children. Through the depravity of human nature, they are introduced to fears and phobias that cause them to withdraw from public participation. The internet and individual activities have trapped them and when they interact with others, what they have learned alone erupts into violence. Community and societies are being destroyed and individualism and self-expression void of an overarching standard to which all must abide is no longer being upheld. Everyone is right in his own eyes, thus lawlessness is interjected into laws that govern the self-willed.

The changes from Columbine to Sandy Hook massacres, including the extra security measures taken in our airports after September 11th attacks, indicate that when a standard is compromised, choices are restricted and ultimately eliminated.  Yet many are asking the question, “Where was God when such tragedies occurred?” He is in the same place waiting; waiting for those who have rejected Him to realize their need for Him. He is not the cause of these tragedies as some would believe. All He has to do is to withdraw a small portion of His grace, allowing those who think they have control independent of Him to manage their own affairs alone. Unfortunately, in an environment where the demand is for independence from God, the innocent suffer along with the guilty. We must love our children enough to love their Maker, and we must love our Maker enough to love our children. The world is experiencing a wake-up call and the Church is being shaken from her slumber. Sin is an overt expression of inward hostilities towards God and of the violent nature of mankind. It is not just the individual expression of a people; the effects of sin reach down and touch everything around us.  The propensity to behave violently resides within all of us. How can anyone determine what he would or would not do if a particular trigger is pulled and rage takes over? Rage can then erupt into uncommon behavior. The Church must be the Church, regaining her influence in the world and upholding the banner of righteousness. Then, once this unshakable standard is seen and recognized as an expression of God’s love, the lives of individuals can be changed from the inside out.