These days of unprecedented challenges have left many to seek answers to questions that otherwise would not be asked. Many are inquiring into what is happening, why it is happening, and how long will it happen. This being the last quarter of the Year 20/20, the Year of Vision, none of the occurrences of this year are without merit. Believe it or not, these years were on God’s prophetic calendar to happen exactly as the events are unfolding before our eyes. The Covid-19 pandemic, the surmounting racial tensions, as well as political and other social issues have aroused the attention of the world. Those who have platforms within society are now standing on their soapboxes and making speeches as to how these issues are to be remedied. They are drawing large crowds of people who have confidence in their celebrity status rather than their wisdom. Some would risk their lives in gambling with their future on a bet that the most popular person just may be most right to lead them. Moreover, there are others who had made prior commitments or vows to a party, whether it be political or social, and cannot break rank with their allegiances to their group. 

These life-defining events are not only causing us to think, but they are also happening with the intent to get us to focus. The question that remains to be answered is, “in what direction are you looking for answers?” An answer is merely a response to the question asked, such as a casual nod, or a yes or no response. A lie is also an answer choice, but these responses do not bring resolve to the chaos in the heart and soul of the inquirer. Unfortunately, even within religious circles, too many are pacified with mere answers. For the most part, they are conjured up in the imaginations of people who feel that they need to say something since so many eyes are focused on them. We need more than some flippant answer. We need the Truth! Jesus said, “The Truth (alone) will make you free!” He prefaces this statement by saying, “If you continue in My Word.” Allow me to paraphrase it in the vernacular of these current crises; “if you grow beyond your limited and narrow understanding as it applies to every sphere of life, then you are a real Christian.” A real Christian seeks His answers in what God has already said. Even before the foundations of the world, He has given us the script to guide us through the mazes and around the pitfalls of life. The Light of His Word enlightens our pathway and guides our feet so as not to follow the wayward crowd headed towards their own destruction. There are only two paths that many interpret as three; the right way and the wrong way. Most see it as the right way, the wrong way, and their way. Their way is only legitimized when it is completely surrendered to God’s guidance, and our confidence and trust in Him lead us down a path that is otherwise unknown to us.

Our eyes are wide open when we know that we do not know the answers and can acknowledge our own ignorance independent of the Sovereign God. Paul, who was beforehand Saul of Tarsus, thought that he knew more than he knew. However, his divine encounter with Jesus Christ shifted his limited understanding. Instead of faking it, with all of his pedigree and training, Paul asked the childish question, “Who are You, Lord?” This childlike question positioned him to receive divine revelation. He was introduced to Jesus, the Way, the Truth, and the Life, for the very first time! Do not be so smart as to miss the most important point in and of your life. Jesus Christ is knocking at the door of your heart through these crises so that He might make Himself known in the midst of your personal and corporate conditions. Will you ask the right question so that you may receive the life-transforming answer that Jesus is making known to you?