The paradox (a truth that appears as a contradiction) of the cross defies reason and is often rejected by those who are searching for meaning within themselves and among themselves. The mantra of today’s culture is to search within oneself and find the answers: such statements as loving yourself  is the greatest love of all; knowing yourself is the highest degree of knowledge, and being yourself is the greatest truth of all, are today’s common philosophy. Their counselors are those who specialize in one discipline of study as authorities, yet are ignorant of oceans of information left unexplored. The most important discipline is the search for meaning. What good is knowledge when life itself is sacrificed? The dead know nothing and can do nothing. Bu the thing we call ‘life’ causes individuals to be too preoccupied to consider life’s meaning. The contradiction is that many people are too busy attempting to make a living to live. They are too busy mouthing the fallacies of existence, popular but divorced from purpose, to consider why they actually exist. (The Walking Dead) Death is not only when the body ceases to function. The dead are those who are detached from the Source of life.

The spiritually blind are dead, but their eyes are closed to how dead they really are. They are totally unaware of preexisting principles that govern life, while still open to accept the ways and means of the masses, who know nothing of how things work together and are held together. Coherency in culture comes from making sense out of life. It is reason rather than mere feeling. Decisions made as result of feelings alone,  or gut instincts rather than grace, are terminal. When we reach the Cross we see (1) Conflict, then (2) challenge, leading to (3) change that will ultimately produce (4) conversion or transformation. The Cross can be further be defined as reaching the crisis point or critical mass. Bits and pieces of information contribute to fragmented lives. The duality existing within the heart, soul, and mind leaves one divided within and that inner conflict hinders him from making progress.  There is a pattern before us as to how life and all things converge together into a symmetry of purposeful existence, how they fit together, and where the individual fits within the whole of God’s eternal plan.

When what we think we know is introduced to the Truth, something has to give.  The inflexibility of self will is tested  when inflexible will is confronted with absolute truth. The challenge will either lead to a deepening of shared values or a yielding to values previously unknown. “Let God be true and every man a liar.” If the Truth is accepted change must occur. Pride comes under siege and the only recourse is to confess a life of wrongness and a lifestyle of contradictions. Change is not a product of the will, it is a decision to trust the only One who can change you. It has to occur from a Source outside of yourself. Only God is able to give you what you need for permanent change to occur. It is called “New Life”. Another way of describing it is being “born again.” The Cross confronts the culture and contradicts the values of fallen humanity, but it does not leave mankind without help or hope. Jesus Christ is placed on the Cross as our substitute so that His perfect life may be freely given to those who would be wise enough to delve into this mystery. It is foolishness to the arrogant, those who are wise in their own eyes. But it is the power of God to those who are being saved and can receive the wisdom that only God can bestow.  On the other side of the crisis is eternal life.