God’s objective is to make us both safe and secure. Uncertainties leave the majority in a state of flux and wonder fearful of the future. “What if” questions often plague the mind with the unending possibilities of disastrous occurrences.They restrict the activity of those who would otherwise move in a proactive direction facing the needs of today and resolving them. Many who were chosen for such a time as this, are too busy worrying rather than engaging in a process of clear and productive thinking. Productive thinking requires one to process information leading to a conclusion. Without it, one is caught up into circular thinking which leads to the same place where the journey first began. Too many are going around in circles rather than progressing towards an end that could produce a permanent resolve to what most people worry about.

The first thing to consider is that none of the occurrences in life are merely random. God is a God of order who arranges circumstances and conditions for the ultimate good of those who love Him, and oversees and intercepts the decisions made by those who despise Him. He is not an absentee God, but is aware of the smallest of detailsregarding everything that moves. The question then is why aren’t things moving in a course that would contribute to our peace of mind? He has predetermined that no individual would ever find true peace until they find it in Him. Therefore the inner disturbances of the soul are the result of man’s decisions and not God’s ultimate purpose for humanity. Things are not going as planned, but the plans of God are not thwarted by the misbehavior of man. Therefore the peace that is sought after is not being found. The complexity of the matter appears to be overwhelming, thus many people feel hopeless.

There are so many things pulling us in different directions. There are so many choices to be made in life with unknown consequences. Yet it is too easy to do what one think is right without the right information. Even though much information is available to us today, yet most are clueless as to how to apply the information in the right order to provide safety and security for the future. Information alone is not sufficient in making right decisions. Wisdom is also needed if we are ever to discern the difference between things that appear to be fused together.

Security, safety, and hope are contained within the simple message of Jesus Christ and Him crucified. The gospel message puts into words the sentiments of the heart of humanity so that his dilemma is made clear in words. At the same time the Word of God has been given in order to communicate to us the sentiments of the heart of God in order for us to understand and know Him. It appears to be too deep and difficult to understand because sin has dulled the heart and ears of men leaving them to their own second-handed intellect passed down from one generation to another, yet void of godly wisdom. What one thinks that he knows causes a strain for him and prohibits him from listening to God’s voice.Then His Word is dismissed as being too abstract or obsolete. If the truth was to be told, it was the preoccupation of the heart and soul in pursuit of what is thought to be the resolve rather than embracing what has already been given as the permanent resolve to each challenge.To acknowledge God in all your ways is an admission that there are more things unknown by you than what is known. Since it is impossible to know what is needed apart from Him, the posture that must be taken is to first listen to Him, then to wait on Him to reveal to us as to how His Word is to be applied to our lives. He will then guide you and guide others through you towards those things that really matter.