Seasons change, conditions are changing, and people will change. The world is in a constant state of motion. Life is a linear move towards a future state of being. Yes, we are changing, but the question is what are we becoming? Some would like to believe that they are making progress, while the mental attitudes of those who see themselves as progressives constantly pump themselves up with positive affirmations. Even though words do in fact have power, the truth will set you free.

Constantly saying a thing is not the exercise of faith. Faith must involve seeing the right path on which your life must travel. Then by faith, you must continually seek God’s direction to avoid veering from that course. Change presents the challenge to travel down the path of least resistance and it can be so subtle that it may happen unnoticed. This is not the same environment of the previous decade. Decisions have been made that influenced the mindsets of society as a whole, and now, it has become more difficult to express the values you once held dear. If you for a moment are more concerned about the majority opinion rather than maintaining a commitment for what is right, you have lost the cultural war. It is not what the majority of the people think or what you may think that you know; it is what God knows that really matters.

The mind of man is so fickle that even a popular movie depicted by actors can be enough for many to change their minds. The sound effects and the mood-setting music have the tendency to mesmerize the soul into a state of receptivity. Consequently, the conscience is not discerning enough to filter through what is being presented as fact or mere fiction. It is just entertainment, so why take this matter so seriously? It is because everything that we are exposed to, whether consciously or unconsciously, has the potential of influencing consensus opinion. It is similar to the frog in the kettle…The water is gradually warmed while the frog adjusts to his new found environment until eventually he is boiled in his pleasure. Is it mere entertainment or is it a part of the systemic programming of the will to accept what God has prohibited to defy and ultimately compete for His throne? Just listen with spiritual discernment to the message that the majority has chosen. The magnetic pull of sin and spiritual rebellion has brought the mass minds of society its lowest state without question.

The outcome is a dissatisfaction that continues to surmount. Suicide, drug abuse, murder, family violence, and divorce are at all-time highs. Even though the path may appear natural, it was never the path intended for you to travel. The changes occurring all around you will sweep you under its current unless a change takes place within the heart. God is unchangeable and anchors the soul, enabling you to get on the course for which you were born. You were not made for what the world is becoming. You were made to glorify your Creator. The heavens and all of nature respond to its Creator…But since God has given you the choice to love Him or rebel against Him, will you align your will to His will? Only then will you experience the peace that you so desperately sought after in the wrong places. Change is constant. You are living in a climate of change. But the question is, will you change in order for the Unchangeable One to bring you into proper alignment for which you were born? For God’s sake, don’t be swept away by the wind.