The relationship between God the Father and Jesus is a continuing story that preceded Creation. In the beginning, God is and before there was a beginning, God was and will always be. He is Father and Son in One mysterious union. As gravity is subordinate to a restricted environment, so is the succession within the numerical system. Father, Son, and Holy Spirit—One God, One Spirit, One mission. When God created time, He sent for His only Begotten Son within the fullness of time, and through Him, He introduced His love to the object of His affection. “For God so loved the world, His creation, that He gave His only Begotten Son to the world.” The Son was given to restore both mankind and the whole of His Creation from the bondage and corruption in the world as result of the Fall. Sin entered the world through the interference brought forth by God’s enemy. The eternal love experienced by mankind and nature was interrupted by a cancerous contagion. The disease of sin had become so widespread that the pandemic was unrecognizable by its victims. Unfortunately, it is the tragedy of every generation; lovelessness, hard-heartedness, lusts, greed, and selfishness emit from the hearts of those who know no better than to heed the familiar voices of their peers who suffer from the same condition. 

Thankfully, God’s love is laser focused, as it penetrates the sin barriers erected over lifetimes and generations. Only His love can restore God’s creative order that is modeled throughout His creation. Contrastingly, a fatherless generation is a godless generation. Jesus came to share His Father with us while we were sons of disobedience. But now, God has sent His Son that we may enter in the eternal relationship that preexisted time. The story of redemption was historically conveyed through the Prophets to the fathers of the Tribes of Israel. This would bind fathers and sons through godly instructions given to families. Now His Word is embodied in flesh and He now speaks through Jesus Christ, His Son. And His Son speaks through His Church, the Body of Christ. As Christ is made known through His Body, every father has the responsibility to hear what the Holy Spirit is saying to and through the Church. 

Governmental and political parties, along with Law enforcement officials, are searching for answers to dilemmas of our day. The statisticians are measuring the continuing decline of morals and ethics while passing laws that reinforce what they attempt to curb. When God is not acknowledged as Father, biological fathers have no established pattern for how to model their fathering. Even those who attempt to do their best at providing come up short not knowing where they went wrong. Fortunately, The Spirit of the Lord will send the spirit of Elijah to turn the hearts of the fathers to their children and the hearts of children to their fathers.