Should sin be criminalized or legalized? What choices are left to this, our generation, when there are no absolutes? There are two opposing sides; both being partly wrong but blind to why the others side may disagree with the other’s interpretation of what is right. That is the political scene in America, where the existing party lines produce rapid racial and class polarization that blames the opposing side for the perpetuation of perplexing problem that fuel national disunity.

But from heaven’s view, it is the absence, neglect, or misinterpretation of a standard that results in the world experiencing judgment. Humanity either takes things too far by becoming pharisaical without the element of love for humankind, or thinking that love ignores and gives permission to transgress all boundaries. Thus, sin is either legalized or criminalized. The silence of God in regards to our nation’s dilemma is His judgment against her. We experience calamitous actions, but cannot hear His voice giving clear direction in the midst of this nation’s greatest challenges.

First sin must be identified if redemption is ever to occur. That responsibility rests upon the shoulders of the standard-bearers, the Church. The Bible mentions that “A house divided against itself cannot stand” and that “The salt that has lost its saltiness is good for nothing but to be trodden under the feet of men.” A clear and distinct voice must convey a prophetic word that does more than report current events or engage in the scrimmages within the parameters of what others have established or are able to see. There has to be a prophetic message that transcends the obvious and directs the hearts of the people towards the ideal. A holy people are an “other than” people; they are separated because they are positioned to hear from Heaven and align their lives to its order.  This chosen people may live in a sinful environment, but operate by a different standard. That is why the revivalists of past generations were abolitionists and reformers that addressed the current issues of their day with permanent resolves rather than temporary and quick fixes filled with unproductive rhetoric.  Public sentiment has shifted in the direction of heroes who are able to rescue the perishing and restore all that is lost. Yet each time it appears as if that person has finally arrived, the walls they have built begin to collapse.

Jesus was born in an environment of flux. The people were being overly burdened by taxation, babies were being murdered, and the conditions were as desperate as ours are today. It was not the best of times, but rather the worst of times. Yet His coming brought forth a new day! His Light alone enabled people to see and some to understand that every other alternative was not strong enough to withstand the future impact. He alone knows the future and prepares those who trust in Him beforehand for what they will inevitably face. Although we reflect upon His first coming, we must anticipate His return. But in the meantime, we must occupy as the Church, or carry out His agenda on this earth until He comes so that world might see His Light.