The study of genetics provides evidence that each of us has behavioral traits that can be traced back to our ancestry. We are the product of many centuries of cultural attributes and evolving modifications of cultural norms. It is easy to accept ourselves as we are and expect others to do the same if we are completely satisfied ourselves and see no need for change. Can we be blamed for what dwells within us as a part of our lineage? Our desires and passions form our emotional frame and our personal agenda, the things that we pursue in life. The propensity towards a particular thing, if we research the history, will be discovered within a relative who was of the same persuasion, even if the trait was expressed differently. The origin of our genetics generated from first cause. The word “pater” in Latin means first cause or brought forth from. From this word we have paternal or father. Our first father, Adam sinned against God which set in motion a course of rebellion against Him. His rebellion was not part of his original formation but was introduced to him by another in whom it originated. Satan, who rebelled against God, appeared in the form of a serpent who deceived Eve and his rebellion incubated in the heart of Adam. When he validated the deception of his wife by deliberately yielding to her offer, he set in motion a course of sin for every successive generation. Sinning is an insult to the Father whose intentions are for the good of His sons and daughters. It is a statement through actions that speak of wisdom in contradiction to the instructions and disciplines originally provided. Yielding to words spoken from another source changes the genetic structure of the individual. The renouncing of father is the entryway of adopting another as father instead. Jesus said to the Pharisees, “You are of your father, the devil.”

The good in the psyche of an individual, even before he or she is spiritually converted, is the result of training and discipline. Laws and prohibitions had to be established and enforced unless the hearts of rebellion inbred within the souls of men would run unrestricted. Their inhibitions would lead to self- destruction without parameters or the setting of standards. Sin is a reproach, or leads to God’sdispleasure and rebuke, but it also leads to death. God historically spoke to fathers through the prophets because the fathers were the closest to the children as authority to which they could identify. The fathers were given the role of instructions and discipline to their families. They were also held responsible if their assignments were neglected. Today the need for good home training is desperately wanting. Families need someone to speak what is right and wrong so that the line is drawn in the sand. For fathers to rightly instruct their children oftentimes it requires them to reach beyond the ways in which they were trained. Permissive fathers allow their children to literally raise themselves. They allow the popular opinion of a degenerate society, expressed through the media and the miseducation of a corrupted educational system, to determine their course. To raise our children rightly, the objective must be to set a higher standard than the one that was set for us, not just in the area of career choices, but including all the true essentials of life. Many of our children have lost their purpose for living while endlessly trying to make a living.

The original intent of the Father from which all fathering originated was to relate to His family inclusive of us. His desire remains to father through us. This is why He sent His only Begotten Son that through Him the order for life that never ends can be restored. God has given every father a job far greater than bringing home the bacon. We are to know the Lord and make Him known for the sake and safety of our children and our children’s children. Then generations can be restored as the path is paved by and through the testimonies of godly fathers.