When a person or thing has been forgotten, or if the memory is reduced to a title, a symbol, or any fixture that is now void of life, there is the need for a fresh presentation in order for the truth to be known. Interpretations are often limited to perceptions that are usually influenced by personal desire. It would be much easier to have a Savior that fits perfectly into our thoughts of Him. He would then be non-threatening and pliable to whatever whim may come to mind. Then, when we grow weary of that perception, we can retire it and create another as we continue to change our minds about life and ourselves. Jesus Christ, however, is not that flexible. Malachi presents Him as unchanging and Revelations reflects His history, presence, and destiny as being the same. Since He is the same, why do many either embrace or reject a perception, but do not seek to know Him as He is? It is primarily because of the responsibility that accompanies the true knowledge of Him. What will we do if we were enabled to see Him as He is? Our agency as autonomous individuals would be compromised. There would be an authority would have determined what is right and wrong, what is good and what is evil. Society has primarily redirected their pursuits for a substitute rather than having to reckon with the One who presents Himself as the established truth.
His Word challenges our thinking and reaches deep into our souls. There is a part of every person that seeks to know more than what he currently knows. Yet it is pride that causes one to think that his pursuits can offer him complete satisfaction. He came to earth for us and we were made to acknowledge and glorify Him. Looking in any other direction merely hardens the heart against what the soul desperately craves. He abandons a life of temporal pleasures that merely anesthetizes the conscience so that things that were prohibited now become more sensible than the grace to participate in what He has granted freely. Jesus Christ is the greatest gift ever given to humanity, but He is not who we think He is. Our minds cannot reach those peaks of marvelous revelation that only His Spirit is able to manifest. When we strain to think of what He is like, we merely get a glimpse from a distance. He stands there welcoming us to approach Him, but not with the things we wish to keep. His will is to fill us with more than we are holding on to by giving us what we never had. Whether it is religiously maintained, it is a devotion and commitment, even if it is not the truest depiction. He comes to dispel all preconceived notions not by becoming a part of our lives but rather by becoming life to us.
Too many have built idols and worshiped without knowledge they were doing so. Little wonder that so much confusion remains all around us, especially among those who profess a faith. He is still here; the Christ of God who revealed Himself in history waits for the opportunity to reveal Himself to this generation.  The challenge of the old misconceptions must take place if the original is to be made known. Wise men sought Him when He came as a child to the earth. Now that He has completed His task upon the earth, who will seek to know the resurrected Christ whose will is to dwell richly within the hearts of those who would make room for Him?