Before the arrival of Jesus Christ, Earth had yet to receive the full expression of the Father’s heart. His requirements had been made known through the Lawgiver, Moses and His compassion had been expressed through the poetry and songs of David. Additionally, His disappointments and displeasure had been expressed through Malachi and many of the prophets. Yet none had ever known the full message of the Father towards mankind. While His heart was large enough to engulf the world and all of His creation, He willed to express more than glimpses of what was seen through creation. Then God sent One who throughout eternity reflected His full intentions. He, God in three Persons, was in full agreement with Himself. Not three numerically, but three in interaction in order for love to be complete with a witness. Love is not love without an object of expression. His love was complete before He created anything. When He said, “Let us make man,” He was speaking of the eternal preexisting love that proceeded from heaven to earth. It is not the same caliber of love for animals, plants, and other living creatures in this expression. He was in fact saying, “Let our love extend to an earthly creature that we might share with the created what we have exclusively known.

God loved Himself by having an eternal Son to love. He was not self-absorbed and selfish, but His eternal love preexisted and gave birth to all living things. Our dominion over His creation, ability and assignment to reproduce after our own kind occurs because we were made after His own likeness and image. We will care for His creation because we love and honor the Creator. We will reproduce and replenish the earth with a godly seed because we desire to see the earth filled with the expression of His divine intentions. No other reason for living life other than to glorify God and show forth His glory throughout the earth. Yet, the divide between God and man produced by the infraction of sin that blinded him from seeing that which was from the beginning. He then can live his life based upon what the world and his life became rather than God’s original purpose. Therefore, God sent the Son of His love to the earth so that all would be able to both hear and see the perfect will of God. That which was from the beginning has now been sent to the earth, with all of its hostility against God, to allow rebellious man to give expression to His fallen nature. Sin is not merely having one’s own way. It is the attitude expressed towards God and His gift to the world through His Son.

Some would second guess God’s intentions by saying, “If God loved us, He would love us in a way that we could completely understand.” They reconfigure a god after their own fallen nature and ill intent directing their attention towards an accommodating deity whose purpose falls short of holiness or perfection. Their reinterpretation of His Holy Word eliminates all portions that would convict of sin, but speaks of a debilitating love that cripples rather than transforms. Then it becomes much easier for disinterest and total rejection to occur among succeeding generations. Our children reject that to which they cannot completely commit. A diluted truth filters down to a level where truth itself becomes obsolete. His Son was crucified by a blind generation since His Presence was an intrusion within their activities and an obstruction to their intent. They could no longer do what they will to do without the reference of His coming to the earth. But He rose from the dead! His Spirit, or the power of creation, is now available to all. Let earth prepare Him room. Then heaven and all of nature will sing as result of earth’s release from the curse brought upon it through man’s rebellion. The relinquishment of his authority to care for the earth and the people as result of God’s love can now spread to every nation.