The dream of those that embraced a biblical worldview was for reconciliation. In spite of many imperfections, the goal remained the same—bridging the divide between cultures, races, and denominations by negotiating a position of agreement without compromise that was acceptable by all parties involved. We are divided because all parties are right on one hand and wrong on the other. No culture has a premium on the truth, but competition and prejudices may blind a people so that they are incapable of seeing their own faults. Only when an established standard is fully embraced can there be a reference point in order to measure the distance between what is and what ought to be. We have missed it because our standard has been compromised. Weeds have been sown and are now growing among the wheat. When alternative positions are widely accepted, alternative lifestyles and practices result in the end. We are going through a process intended to remind us of our desperate need for Divine assistance.  It is the threshing and refining of wheat that can produce bread for future generations.

            Many things have been done to us, but we must reckon with the things done by us. Just as Israel was summoned to return to God, He is showing us our need to return. When estrangement occurs, the new paradigm becomes the new standard. Entertainment becomes the measure rather than a piercing message that produces conviction deep within the heart. Feeling good has become the anesthetic that makes spiritual death less painful. Similar to the question and answer dialogue between God and Israel in the Book of Malachi where God says, “I have loved you”, with the response being, “what way have You loved us? You have offered defiled food on My altar,” and the response being, “what way have we defiled You?”  The Truth is offensive to those who seek self-justification, but when awareness happens, changes for the better can be made. As ministers of the Gospel, our objective is to locate God on behalf of the people in the midst of all the chaos and confusion around us. He works within that environment in order to lead us to His ultimate purpose. Lo Debar is not the Promise Land. He is not merely about our reaching a resting point, but about arriving at our intended destination.

            The Lord was in the Civil Rights Movement of the past, but He was not the movement exclusively. He was in the ending of the corrupt apartheid government South Africa, but He cannot be identified as that alone. He deals with governments and governmental leaders, but His rule transcends their rule. Politicizing issues may produce temporary results, but they will crumble under pressure. We can learn from those with whom we may disagree at this point, but we can only learn what we must know if we are open to see where God is. If we hear His voice, and conform to the image of His Son, Jesus Christ, we will be in position to carry out His will. Only then will He work among us in ways to prosper us as a people. The occurrences of our day must become a wake-up call to repent of the apparent good that we would try to do. We need a message that was once delivered to the saints. Nothing can stop us from reaching our goal because our goal is no longer exclusive to us, but His will for us.