“If I’m sleepless at midnight, I spend the hours in grateful reflection.” Psalm 63:6 (The Message Paraphrase)

God gives His children peaceful rest. They have the stamina to work diligently, but they also have the calm and contentment to rest peacefully. The reason behind both their rest and their peace is the knowledge that God is still in control. Oftentimes, it appears as if no options remain for those who wish for harmony within nature and among mankind. The current events projected on our television screens, along with the daily grind of day to day activities, appear to only lead to deeper levels of frustration. Every effort of peace is contested by greater conflict, and the soul is filled with discontent. The pursuit is for a better life and a better world. The prevailing question is “where can peace be found?” Just maybe the search is in the wrong direction. The question ought to be “where can truth be found?” Peace is located along the same path that truth has already paved. The unaltered and unadulterated truth contained with the One who sent it forth will always remain as the only way to effectively address the current crises of our day. Unfortunately, many are in search of an alternative reality at the expense of all things that would otherwise provide for their peace. The sleeplessness of the Psalmist was not as the result of his resolve. His commitment was to a Godly standard, even though his sinful nature, along with the world around him, would oppose it.

Needless is the effort and wasted are the opportunities of grace when time and energy are spent in worry. The stagnant posture of worry inhibits the growth of the individual and paralyzes his potential as one who could otherwise be a part of the solution rather than the problem (You are either on one side of the issue or the other).

Nighttime is intended for sleep and not restlessness. One’s occupation or preoccupation will influence the conscience when meditations are not deliberate. Even when the intent is to erase from the mind those things that fill it with thought, the more one tries to not think of a thing, the more of that thought invades the mind and holds it captive. Sleeplessness in the middle of the night is when the night has been far spent leaving little energy for tomorrow. The battle throughout the night is a phantom war against imaginary troops. If one is exhausted from the nightshift of worry, can that individual be relied upon to answer destiny’s call? The Psalmist spent his hours in grateful reflection. Instead of worry, he is reminded of God’s divine promise and strength. If He was the One who rescued him from the perils of the past, then He is able to handle the challenges that lie ahead. Instead of counting sheep, he is counting victories.

There were lessons learned through his temporary failures and temporary setbacks. Yet his God is faithful in using every situation for his ultimate good and for His own glory. When more time is spent in grateful reflections falling to sleep becomes easy. Confidence in God relaxes the mind and muscles, for it was never his efforts, but the power of God working through him mightily, that produces victory after victory. Sleeplessness tried to enter in but found no lasting abode. When doubt tried to enter in, he would reflect upon the fierceness and ferociousness of the lion and the bear. He initiated and offensive attack against them along with the taunting Philistine giant Goliath. They were no match to him as his God was present.

What do you have standing as a lion, bear, or giant before you? Did you face them with Godly courage or in timidity and fear? Only faith in God alone is sufficient to stand against the wiles of devil. Faithlessness robs one of the potential provided by God to overcome in battles set forth for our destruction. Without faith, God cannot be pleased through one’s life. Gratitude is easy when reflections and meditation on God’s goodness have become our way of life. Moreover, the rest at night will also provide strength in the daytime. Trusting God for our daily bread and strength will cause spiritual growth to occur so that when greater battles come and greater challenges occur, confidence in God will rise to such a level so that it would be a part of your nature to say, “What God has done, He is still able to do!”