The message that we proclaim from the pulpit is the driving force of change in society. When God’s Word is accurately and boldly proclaimed, an element is infused within the current chaos that is potent enough to challenge the declining course that contributes to the erosion of culture.  It is only when the clergy agrees with the culture that calloused hearts and closed minds prevail and the people’s passion is turned away from God to idols. The experiment of both politics and science is to compile and arrange facts that reach a logical conclusion. Yet, the full knowledge of what is being arranged is absent. There are intricate details within each thing that we may know when arranged differently and used more effectively that would otherwise produce different results. Our message is not a mere reaction to cries of the people. It is not a matter of giving the people what they want. Our primary job is to transform the passions of those who lack the ability to see how their passions have driven them and forced them into this current dilemma. It requires the knowledge and wisdom of God to place all things into their proper arrangement. We must hear their cries but only God is able to rightly interpret the root of the problem. As with the disease of Ebola, the question is whether it is airborne or contracted through bodily fluids; the experiment only leads to logical conclusions. If more evidence sways the sentiments of science in a different direction, the conclusion will be more decisive. Yet the cause and cure is completely known by God. His message addresses more than any of us are capable of fully understanding.

                Science, philanthropy, and the preaching are as necessary today as in times past. Yet neither must be seen as the solution to resolve the issues that we face. When worship is introduced, the scientist, philanthropist, and the preacher are transformed in order to see all things from a higher plane.  The knowledge of God provides the vision to see into each matter and the wisdom of God provides understanding for the cause and effect of each occurrence. Politics by definition has to do with “the people.” There is no salvation among people who are left to their own devices. Their choices are expressed through their vote and their decisions are based upon what and who they have become. It is the duty of the preachers of righteousness to hear from Heaven so that alternatives can be both heard and demonstrated. If we must hear from Heaven, the order of Heaven’s kingdom must be expressed before those who will otherwise perish.  Simply put, to worship is the acknowledgement of God’s wisdom and man’s ignorance. It cannot be both ways. The humility on the part of the worshipper leads to repentance in failed attempts to resolve the challenges independent of His Divine assistance.

                Additionally, voting is both a right and a privilege. It is the voice of the people given full expression to where they stand on various issues. Even when it is difficult to decide which candidate must be chosen, a choice must be made on the basis of the higher moral ground that leads to God’s ultimate intention. But unless we heard the message which transforms the lives of the people from our pulpits in order to distinguish between right and wrong, political ideologies will be rehashed and petty divisions will persist, but lack an ultimate purpose. The trumpet in our mouths must make a clear and certain sound so that the people can be rightly prepared for the battle.