Most people in America have a general knowledge of biblical truths. They have been exposed to the Word of God and believe that it is superior to other books written. The sacred text still rises above other ancient writings as a reference point to living life.

 Yet there is this increasing tide of facts borne out of experiences competing with what one ought to believe and what they think they know. The dichotomy between experiences and historical truths has caused a strain in modern society. The attempt to maintain their status as Christians but at the same time to be in step with the modern world puts pressure on the Truth and often distorts it to fit into the methodologies of today. The overruling question today is “how can I be myself and be a Christian” pervades as the most provocative challenge of our day and times. It leads to compromise as futile attempts are made to reconcile these two opposites. The truth demands change. It exposes the defects within one’s character by presenting a standard that is superior to this life and all of its faulty misinterpretations. You cannot be an authentic Christian without first realizing your need for a radical change. The systems of this world are bent on providing contradictions to the need for a changed life. They soften the blow of the reality check where repentance is required. At that point a complete turnaround must occur. There must be the rejection of facts misaligned to lead one to a false conclusion and the acceptance of truth to guide one to an understanding of what would otherwise be impossible to know.

It not enough to merely be acquainted with the Truth, but one must be aware of the seasons and be able to rightly interpret the times. There are no coincidences in God’s economy. He is in control of the ultimate outcome of things that are currently out if balance and in total disarray. He sees the end of things before the beginning, but the between time us where much confusion resides. The moment in which we live, if not rightly interpreted will lead our culture into total rebellion against God. Decisions made on the basis of logic without consideration being given to significant factors requiring faith will lead to attempts in sabotaging Divine order. Man’s wit against the knowledge of God rising as a tide of corrupt thinking. Things are corrupted as result of misuse or their lack of use. When they become corrupted then they cannot be used as they were originally intended. How many have sought after seasonal fruit in the wrong season? They thought that God’s commands were static rather than fluid thus getting out of step with Him.

These are the days that were spoken of in the Bible. You can take the Bible and place it next to the newspaper and see the unfolding will of God being accomplished in spite of popular opinions rising to resist it. First there is the falling away from the established Truth. Then there are the failed attempts to remedy the dis-eased culture of constructed confusion. The wars and rumors of wars today are not merely coincidental. The season is changing in order for what has been rejected that it might receive one’s utmost attention.

When the theories of politics, business, and religion no longer work as previously planned, where might one turn to seek answers? God’s message has not changed nor will it ever change. But today’s challenges will cause many to take a second look at what they had either rejected or redefined. Truth had been rejected in the past, but the stone that the builders rejected will one day serve as the head of the corner. It was a stone of stumbling and a rock of offence. But the time will come when those who wish to do more than treat the symptoms of a sick society will fully embrace the only antidote that cures.