As our first teachers, our mothers taught us how to walk, how to talk, how and what to feel, and how to love by loving us with a special kind of love. Her love was unconditional. Even when there was nothing to support it, she loved you just because she was your mother and you were her child.

On the cross before Jesus surrendered His spirit into the hands of His Father, He told John, “Behold thy mother”. i.e.; “take care of my mother and treat her as your own. Be the son to her that I was in my absence.” His role was to fill what would otherwise be a void in her life. But suppose the conditions were opposite: who would be the kind of mother that Mary was to Jesus? Yes, one may have friends who express a platonic love for each other, but the depth of a mother’s love is a category exclusive to one who is able to reflect upon your history. Regardless of what you may do or become in life, she still remembers her little baby boy or darling baby girl. We would often wish that she would let us grow up, even though she may be proud of what you may have become. She still remembers those days when your diaper needed to be changed, or those times when you were making mud pies with tobacco butt icing.

One of the most precious gifts God gave us is the gift of memory. Our memories may be flawed at times, like the times when we forgot to send the card or show appreciation for things that deserve special notice. However, despite our shortcomings, there are some things that are indelibly imprinted upon the hearts and minds of every child who had a mother like me. It is impossible to forget the times when you hurt her feelings by doing some things that you shouldn’t have done, but her pain would so quickly vanish when her heart would resolve that regardless, you are still her child. She stood with you during the times when you achieved some honor as the result of some victory, whether it be a star for good behavior in class or a diploma for completing some academic achievement. She was there reflecting your pride and sometimes outshining you in it. You belonged to her and she belonged to you.

This reflection is from the heart of a son who, in retrospect, is here to remind every mother’s son of how deserving she is of honor. Allow this day to reflect what you should feel every day. This day should highlight her contributions as being significant in molding your character. God gave us mothers to express His heart of care and nurturing. In expressing His love for us, Jesus even said, “I would have taken you under My wings as a mother for her young.” So much more could come out of understanding the dynamic of motherhood if we could just comprehend and appreciate the value of what God has given us in such a lovely package. Yes, time has made its mark upon her body. Although her steps may be slower, her hair may be gray, and her mind may not be as sharp as it once was, remember the swiftness of her response when she had the energy. Your strength is there to compensate for her weakened state.

Always strive to make her proud of what you have become and to show her that you took her life seriously. She did not give birth to a failure, nor did she produce a problem for others. Her life ought to be a continuum through your progressive expression of love and effective contributions to others. Her legacy continues because you are alive. Just as she committed her life to raising you as her child, commit your life to the only One who can direct you towards what she now sees and attempted to express in and through her life. Your mother had a glimpse of who Jesus is conveyed her perception through the people that He placed in our lives. Now, as we mature in our understanding of Christ, we must see and embrace the full picture.