In the rush towards an end that would be rewarding, the necessary progressive steps in pursuit of the intended endeavor are often ignored. This is why so many live incomplete lives, even when they may appear to be successful in the eyes of others. They merely project an impression that is void of substance and content which can be transferred to the next generation. One dimensional living in pursuit of happiness is a counterfeit joy that leads to deep depression. When the party ends and the people are not there to sing the praises or accolades of the person who lives for the applause of men, he wonders if his life really matters. The reason for the mood swing is not that the person is bipolar, but rather, the root cause is that the real purpose for life remains unknown.  Life has been reduced to the projection of an impressive image to which many others aspire. Their pursuit would only lead them to the same emptiness experienced by the one they admire.

Life is not the experience of feeding on the desserts that appease the appetites of the immature. Children do not know what is best for them, for they are only capable of seeing what is immediately before them. Their dreams do not rightly lead them to the future that God has intended. The tragedy is that many never grow beyond the infancy stage and are insulted by an expectation imposed through the challenge that they must grow up. The immediate can become the enemy of the ultimate if the ultimate is never known. Life is too short and the stakes are too high for us to experiment with our destinies. All of life is directed towards an end; it will all culminate into a state of being that would eternally exist. The shortsighted are blind to this reality for life is lived, as it was in our party days, for the weekend. Work was merely a precursor to the time of leisure and relaxation of thought and morals in order to do as we pleased.

The mindset does not automatically change, but requires an influence far greater than the references of past experiences if our true purpose for living is to be known.  God is both the Giver and Sustainer of life, and He alone is able to convey to us our purpose for living. Living has to do with our eternal existence, where each day must count towards a goal for the aspiration of every person. Religion void of purpose is just an appeasement of one’s conscience in order to make the person feel good about himself.  Even though he may feel that, it is at least better than not practicing religion at all.  In his heart of hearts he would much rather be doing something else.  It would not take much for him to be distracted from the practice of religion if the offer is tempting enough.

Joshua 1:8 states that “This Book of the Law shall not depart from your mouth, but you shall meditate in it day and night, that you may observe to do according to all that is written in it. For then you will make your way prosperous, and then you will have good success.” The blueprint for living has already been given, but it will only make sense if the heart has been changed and conducive to receive Godly instructions. It is the process of being “born again” which illuminates a purpose that extends far beyond the limits of the daily grind. The Kingdom of God is where the Lord is in the midst of events establishing His order and our participation in what He is doing.  It is not a matter of our doing what pleases us, but rather becoming and doing what pleases God.

That is “good success,” for it is transferable to succeeding generations; improving their lives by equipping them with truth that is both beneficial and authentic. How can we participate in setting this generation on the right track and correct the habits of the hearts?  We must convey to them the right message. “This Book of the Law shall not depart from your mouth.” It has departed from the mouths of many of the modernists who proclaim a different message. Success in the wrong thing is more devastating than failure for it leads to emptiness and void, thus stripping the person of the initiative to move in any other direction. We must say what God is saying, when he is saying it, rather than repeating the voices of popular opinion. This will lead in the direction of success without regrets.