Things are changing more rapidly than most people are aware, and unfortunately, the changes are in areas not given much consideration. But have you ever stopped to think, why are things changing, and what effect will these current changes have upon our future? The prevailing view among the majority is to accept the inevitable. These changes will happen regardless of what we may think or do. Since the world has changed, if one is to be socially and politically correct, it is necessary to adapt to these changes. George Gallop, author of the Gallop poll, stated, “Despite these shifts in attitudes, 72% of Americans say the state of moral values is getting worse in this country rather than better. And almost as many rate the state of moral values in this country as poor or only fair.” The reason cultural shifts can occur without much resistance is the arbitrary approach many take toward necessary things. Cultural shifts and values occur at the same time, where culture is given definition by its values. If cultural shifts were to be motivated by impulse instead of reason, then people would have the option to do whatever they feel.

These shifting winds of popular opinion have sentenced many to a confining prison of hopelessness and despair. The suicide rate has increased over the years, along with robberies, murders, and various acts that express the devaluing of human life. Why respect the sanctity of life when life has no meaning? Those who engage in efforts of resistance have an awareness to a certain degree that all change is not positive and some standards must be maintained, but what standards? The fear of losing freedoms may startle a person that is imprisoned by his own lusts, but he has neglected to realize that his most confining prison dwells within himself. Pogo, a character from the comics once stated, “we have found the enemy and the enemy is us!” Unfortunately, no one possess the power to completely resist the downward pull within himself even when he is aware of his contribution to the shifts taking place within culture. That is why so many have adapted the mindset to just learn to live with the inevitable. They believe that the only thing left for them to do is to get with the program and to learn how to live within the system. If you could just step away for a moment and ask the question, “whose system is this anyway, and was there ever a choice?” Then new questions would come to mind. Questioning a thing indicates the possibility of alternate interests. If you look in the same direction, you will see the same thing, but if you turn your eyes in a different direction, you are positioned to see hope on the horizon. What exists now is a departure from the original. It is hard to imagine that since the only environment you have ever known is this one. Contained within the system is its own demise. The seed of corruption is implanted in every system initiated by humanity. It is corruptible because humanity is corrupted, and time limits are set on every one of his endeavors.

The incorruptible seed of the Word of God is the antidote to the decay and ruin in our world. When received, it reverses the order leading to ultimate death and produces life in its place. Something as simple as a Word from the Lord, the very thing that you are currently reading, has more potential than the strength of armies and weapons of war. It immediately produces life within those that receive and gives the promise of eternal life to those who continue in it. If ever there was a time when the world must recognize its deepest need, the time is now! In the midst of a changing world an unchangeable God offers His Word and message. Yes, times have changed and will continue to do so. But God is the same. Yesterday, today, and forevermore. Let Him produce within you the change that will last.