When will the last shoe drop? How far down do we have to go with unquestioned allegiance to a deteriorating system before we ask the thought provoking questions of those who maintained an awakened conscience? The music and the song of the world have lulled the masses to sleep and, while they are anesthetized, an unassuming lobotomy removes the sense of reasoning from the minds of the people. The course has navigated them to a new place of tolerance where anything goes. After reading the newspaper or listening to the news report, one can see how current events are leading us down the primrose path of disaster, destruction, and ruin. All of these things are working together for the worse possible scenario and not for the good of those who wish to maintain the standard of righteousness. The message from the pulpit has shifted to a soothing voice reflecting the consensus opinions of those who want nothing more than the possessions of others.

It is not merely gays in the military with the U.N.’s unprecedented acceptance of the position of the Human Rights Commission as being the primary issue. We live in a social climate where none of these things disturb us and are now accepted as the norm. There has been a major shift in popular opinion and the sentiments of the masses where most of what occurs remains unquestioned. It was so gradual that it did not seem to be orchestrated as a plan to desensitize the populous so that a sinister evil could creep in among them. The preoccupation with issues defended by aggressive and hostile radicals did not stop long enough to consider what they were in fact defending. Even though there is a cause worthy of our attention and constant effort, we must be careful that we do not fight the wrong battle and engage in the war against the truth in favor of the adversary. He may have recruited turncoats who think that their Captain (the Captain of their souls) does not have their best interest at heart.

Therefore, the issues are skewed and morality becomes relative and subjective to personal opinion. Their environment has become propagandized by the sowing of tares among the wheat. Yes, there was a time when legitimate causes were on the table and many that are currently worthy of our attention. It is true that the seemingly “ever vigilant and aware” were blinded by their own prejudices, but others must be careful that they do not become reactionaries and so drunken by their drive for revenge that they can no longer see straight. Wholeness is not the product of compromise, but the product of truth. We can lovingly accept the humanity of all people but disagree with behavior. When the personhood of an individual is bonded to behavior, then none can receive correction. All behavior in their eyes is right. “In those days there was no king in Israel; everyone did what was right in his own eyes.” (Judges 21:25)

To draw the line between right and wrong is not left without controversy. Many question the authority for any to speak as if their position is absolute. This lingering attitude provides further evidence to the declining extent of how far society has fallen from the standard to which it once ascribed. Today, people are afraid to speak, for they know that in speaking the rebuttals are more than they are willing to face. However, Jesus was crucified by His own people. He was not just rejected by them, but they evidentially despised Him to the extent of desiring and having Him removed from the earth’s scene! How could we expect anything different today? If they did it to a green tree, what will they do to a dry one? God offers us true freedom and it stems from complete submission and alignment with His will. Only then will we experience peace.