“And I, if I am lifted up from the earth, will draw all peoples to Myself” (John 12:32). 

Those who are drawn to Jesus by the Spirit are kept by the Spirit. The mysterious attraction of the cross of Christ produces within the heart of the believer a willingness to follow after Him even when circumstances are difficult. They see the sacrifice that He has made in contrast to the challenges that lie before them and compare all in light of what Jesus Christ has already done. This is not the easy belief(ism) of our day where many are attracted to the trappings of success in this life and the praise that comes from others. It is a heart commitment to fully follow Christ in all that He may assign as a part of our journey. They lifted Him up as an enemy to their doctrines and lifestyles by crucifying Him. He transformed what would have been defeat into victory. Now the message of the cross of Jesus must be preached throughout the world in order for many to be drawn by dimensions of love never known before. Love was the motive for Him to die for our sins which were many. It is the acknowledgement of sin and its effect upon our lives and our world that would bring one to understand the necessity of His sacrifice. Are you drawn to Christ today? He was lifted up and His message is now being preached throughout the world providing an opportunity for you to be delivered out of the bondage of sin and its affect to the glorious liberty that only He is able to provide.