Lifeguards operate with the knowledge that the possibility of drowning is evident when people gather together in pools, beaches, or lakes. As watchmen, they spring into action when someone goes underwater without the skills or strength to maneuver as they ought. Similarly, laws exist to protect the innocent and to indict the guilty. Currently, there is a tsunami of laws that were modified over time to create turbulence on the sea of life. Unfortunately, many Ministers of the Gospel, who indeed function like spiritual lifeguards, are standing on the sidelines with their hands folded. When one life is lost by neglect or murder, the protective shield is removed, thus creating a climate of violence. History verifies this point even from the beginning when Cain slew his brother, Abel. As a result of Cain’s action, the innocent blood of Abel cried out from the ground and the environment was cursed. “My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge. Because you have rejected knowledge, I also will reject you from being priest for Me; because you have forgotten the law of your God, I also will forget your children” (Hosea 4:6). To “forget” is to fail to hold in mind. Plainly speaking, this equates to being a forsaken people and not hearing from Heaven nor having any regard for what God has to say to this generation.

The sin of forgetfulness or absentmindedness is a curse for having ignored the origin of life. What one refuses to remember, he eventually will have the tendency to forget. God created all things and life did not merely begin at conception, but life began as a thought in the mind of God. “Before I formed you in the womb, I knew you; before you were born, I sanctified you; I ordained you a prophet to the nations” (Jeremiah 1:3). His Divine Providence preceded His acts of creating. Yet when He is forgotten, laws overrule the Law of God and identity is lost while values are minimized. Life does not mean the same, therefore all pertaining to life is reduced to its chemistry rather than its truest value and potential. God asked the question in Isaiah, “Can a woman forget her nursing child, and not have compassion on the son of her womb?” Today’s response would be emphatically “yes!” She can forget that the child in her womb is in fact a child, a part of her being with the capacity to express life and model the life from which the child originated. She, for the sake of convenience, can abort the future growth and development of every future blessing within her womb. However, God continues by saying, Surely they may forget, Yet I will not forget you. (16) See, I have inscribed you on the palms of My hands;

Your walls are continually before Me” (Isaiah 49:15-16). 

Spiritual Lifeguards or proclaimers of the Gospel message must inform and remind people of the value of life from the womb to the tomb. Then, make them aware that life does not end at the tomb, but the soul that is carried within the unformed body is eternal. We are to guard life and inform those living that life is sacred and a gift from God. Therefore, it is to be treated as such and the whole earth groans when life is cheapened and discarded as excessive waste. Violence gets out of control when man is in control rather than submitting himself under the governance of God.