“From where then does wisdom come? And where is the place of understanding?” (Job 28:20). 

The pursuit of wisdom occurs in many places. It is sought in the majestic halls of education. It is pursued among the politicians who ponder over laws which prove over time to be no more than an experiment in balancing the scales of justice. Wisdom appears to be such a fleeting and ethereal thing that many are left on their own in their attempts to define it. Their eloquence and artistic usage of words is often the disguise used to camouflage what is lacking when true wisdom is lacking. The psychobabble of self- impressed individuals with self-interests often become standard among the misguided sheep who find themselves following after leaders who themselves lack direction. There is a place where wisdom can be found. It is found in the reverential fear of the Lord. It is when individuals no longer allow themselves to be governed by the whims of men, but consider the Lord before any decision is made. It is imparted to surrendered and humble hearts. Those who remain teachable are assured they will not stray far from the path of righteousness. Then the Holy Spirit will reveal what otherwise would remain unknown. What God is doing will become sensible because understanding provides peace to the soul.