The Church is called to be salt and light to the world. Our primary assignment is to bring this nation under the influence of those whose standard is aligned with the standard of Christ. To influence is not to dominate or control the will of the people, but to allow the aroma and flavor of Christ to impress upon them to move in a different direction “We know that we are of God, and the whole world lies under the sway of the wicked one.” 1John 5:19.For many, the appeal of that which opposes God’s standard of righteousness is greater than the desire to press into His Kingdom.

According to a study reported by George Barna in 1991, 67% of the US population did not believe in absolute truth. In 1994, that figure rose to 75%. In 1991, 52% of Evangelicals said they did not believe in absolute truth. In 1994, that figure rose to 62%. The difference between saying there is no such thing as the truth and living as if truth does not matter is a small one and the consequences for both catastrophic. – Ravi Zacharias

We are a generation that has lost its soul. The soul is the seat of emotions (the mind, the will, the senses). We can see the vulnerabilities of religious leaders who have succumbed to the corrupted policies of spiritually insensitive pontificators; it is evident that too many have bowed to the altars of Baal. Political agendas are now driving religious fervor rather than the Christian ethic and the compassion of Christ taking the lead. Our Presidential election was viewed as the restorative measures of God, taking us back to where God’s agenda was being reestablished, while not even considering the character of those being put in place to accomplish this. We can have faulty policies, but if corrupted minds are to make decisions on our behalf, it is more or less God’s judgment against hypocrisy and the wickedness of Pharisaical religious practices. The House of God is divided. The political House and Senate are divided. It isn’t coincidental that the divide is becoming more obvious than ever before. One nation under the rule of a dictator rather than God is the result of a misguided view of God. It is true that the previous administration had faults, and many of their policies introduced a collapse in moral values, however there was a tremendous degree of bridge building that could lead to a promising future. The right bridges provide access. The wrong bridges pave the way for the enemy to attack us. Now instead of bridges the reversal is taking place. We are attempting to build walls; two extremes of which neither have provided us a righteous and godly nation.

This year I will be ministering on the subject of Godly Influence. How can we accept the fact that without God’s influence upon the hearts of individuals, every decision, regardless of how well intentioned it may be, is made in the darkness? The Liberals are wrong but the Conservatives are equally as wrong. A new paradigm must rise from the ashes of ruin of this Second Civil War. If godly influence, not forced but willfully embraced, a new brand of slavery will emerge where people will be hooked on themselves. Let us all pray, “Lord, send Revival