“You shall eat the old harvest, and clear out the old because of the new.” (Lev 26:10).

Eating the old harvest is not a call to gluttony, but rather a challenge to release and dispense all that should be used. It is when we hoard what ought to be distributed that disqualifies one from full participation with God. His intention is to use each of His servants as a conduit to reach others with what flows through us. As we enter into this New Year with open hearts and clear consciences, room is available in us for an abundance of blessings from God to reach us. Yesterday’s promises made and commitments kept are the opportunities to prove our integrity when we rest at the end of the day with completed tasks. A fresh vision is given to visionaries who provide the impetus to see the old ones come to pass. The Spirit of God will grace the soul who is led to believe His Word and act accordingly. God wills to do a new thing among us. The new is before us, while the old is awaiting our consumption in order to make room for  all that should be released for the year. 

What God granted for the year should be used as He has purposed in order to make room for what He is yet to do. The grace should be applied, the love released, and all distributions should be completed before the end of the year. Also the unfinished work and assignments should be completed and commitments and promises honored.  Nothing should spoil as the result of hoarding. Then we can enter the new year with an open heart and clear conscience.