“Who can understand his errors? Cleanse me from secret faults” (Ps 19:12).

The degrees and dimensions of transgressions are not easily and readily understood. It is extremely difficult for a person who is engaged in an act to fully understand the full effect of that act upon others was well as his own future. This is also true both in doing good as well as doing evil. God measures the distance between His heart and our own which is affected by deeds done daily. We are forging character one act at a time into becoming whatever we will ultimately become. Those things done in secret are things that produce both guilt and shame. The reason why they are hidden is because the objective is to conceal them from any other ever knowing about them. But ultimately our character will deceive us into making public what we once tried to hide. When it is known there appears no reason to further hide it. Who can know the depth of such errors? We need to be cleansed of anything that we would rather not be made public. Then we will not reach a place of becoming so desensitized as to blatantly rebel against God without any guilt or shame.