“What shall I render to the Lord for all His benefits toward me?” (Ps 116:12).

The Lord provides benefits, many times unexpected, and often before we are even aware of our need for them. As He looks far down the road of our lives, if we maintain a steadfast faith in Him, He takes our offering of life and leads us on a course directed towards His standard of righteousness. None can imagine how many benefits we receive along the way as we journey on that path. It is not just arriving at the destination, but being on course with what really matters in life that is fulfilling. The emptiness of vanity is gone and we are left with a pursuit to know the One who loves us most. Love received demands a response. How can we respond to the overwhelming love demonstrated through our Lord, Jesus Christ? All we can possibly do is take advantage of the purpose for which He came to die such a cruel death on the cross for us. We can take Him up on His offer. By receiving His gift we bring the greatest joy to the heart of the Father.

What should be our offering in exchange for what He so freely bestows upon us? Nothing we own can compare to what we continually receive from Him. We should find peace with and within Him. We should give Him the honor that He justly deserves. None other could have been so precise in meeting our present needs with an eye upon everything in the future. Within the context of eternity and His eternal purpose He blesses us with what He knows is best for us and removes the obstacles that would otherwise hinder our journey and spiritual development. At the same time He supplies our deepest needs according to His riches in glory.