“Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever” (Heb 13:8).

The consistency of the message is as important as the message itself. Messages that contradict what has been established as foundational in our understanding of Christ cause spiritual erosion to occur within the soul. The writer of Hebrews was warning them to remember what was established within them by those who both spoke and modeled the standard which they once faithfully followed. Consider that their instructions were intended to lead them to an end result that was to reach far beyond the immediate. This is what any faithful disciple must consider. Those who lead are graced to guide their followers into areas that can only be understood once obedience is completed. Disobedience occurs as the result of being carried away or allured, and not led. Character deficiencies are sensitive to an alien appeal. One is then flesh driven rather than Spirit-led. One’s diet must consist of that which can provide for eternal gain. It should not consist of the delicacies that appeal to the taste but do harm to the body. What Jesus taught His disciples required them to fully follow Him if they were to become disciples. Through their continuance, they were led to understand aspects of His call to holiness and righteousness. Otherwise it would have appeared to be merely be a call to the enjoyment of the fish and the loaves. His call was to self-denial, to taking up one’s cross, and following Him. Only then would they participate with Him in the glory that awaited them on the other side of full obedience. Too many people are allowing themselves to be carried away rather than be spirit led.