“In returning and rest you shall be saved; in quietness and confidence shall be your strength.”But you would not” (Is 30:15).

When fellowship is broken with God, He does not give up on us. His desire remains the same as a loving father would his own beloved son. Yet the issues facing the one that walks away continue to grow. Trying to make the best of life only frustrates the person who tries in his own strength to hold things together. God reminds us of how frail we are when we are attempting to eliminate Him from our plans. Israel was reduced to a spiritual level of rejecting the challenges that came from God. They chose those who would speak smooth words to them. They resisted the prophetic warnings that ought to have been enough to deter them from rebellion. Therefore, nothing held together for them even in their attempts to gather. That significant part of the prophecies included the benefits of their return. He says to the rebellious, “In returning and rest you shall be saved.” It is not just a matter of returning, but resting and relaxing in the place assigned by God for them. Some may return but be restless because their hearts are still drawn to another place. It is not just a bodily return, but return with your whole heart. Then you shall be saved as God quiets the restless spirit. Not only will your spirit be quieted but in confident assurance the draw of sin is diminished. When the Greater One is fully embraced, the lesser loses its appeal.