Those who seek the path of least resistance can find a commodity called cheap freedom. It is closely akin to cheap grace. The appeal of cheap freedom is that it gives its recipients a license to express their every whim and desire, ideals that will eventually lead to their ruin. Those who hold Self paramount in their pursuits seek after it. They give the fallen nature of man full expression, while rebelling against established truths. Their mantra is “it’s your thing, do what you want to do.” “No rules!” is their rule, or at least their freedom allows rules to be compromised. Every individual does what is right in his or her own eyes. They gather a following as new trends are set, and formerly barbaric acts appear civil as a people participate in the demise of civilization. Freedom as an end, rather than a means to an end, leads to disaster. The rise and fall of the Roman Empire ought to remind us of the end of those who are free just for the sake of being free. “In those days there was no king in Israel; everyone did what was right in his own eyes.” Judges 21:25 The rulership of the king in Scripture represents the rule of Law.  “In those days when there was no absolute authority or guiding principle to govern the lives of a people, every individual took matters into his or her own hands.”  When authority is absent, silent, or no longer respected, anarchy replaces rule. Historically, rules concocted from the imaginations of the fallen nature of those in power placed shackles on their fellowmen. The rules arising from their narrow view of humanity suppressed the rights of other people-groups to fully express their humanity. These prohibitions became the law of the land. Compared to this, there is the absolute Law of God, who has full knowledge of His creation with the design in which all He has made is supposed to operate. When the Creator’s  laws are broken, whether it be by commission or omission, willfully or ignorantly, the result is always the disruption of the balance in nature. Those who do not know God or willfully violate His Word exercise their freedom to self-destruct.  

True and lasting freedom is constructed by the only One who has the power to grant it. A misguided quest for independence from God was and still is the foundation of all things wrong among us. The question that eventually led to a total contradiction initiated a series of activities which continue to this very day. “Hath not God said…?”  laid the foundation for the shadow of doubt which led to uprooting legitimate Authority. Then the contradiction; “You will not surely die. God knows that the day you eat the forbidden fruit, you will be like God, knowing as much as He knows.” (paraphrased) The search for knowledge apart from God leads society away from Him and replaces it with other authorities under the governance of the entity that initiated the whole process, Satan, the devil, the serpent, or whatever form in which he may appear. Today God is omitted from science, education, economics, the family, religion, government, and the arts and media. This is not just coincidental. Generations have grown accustomed to the ploy that the enemy set in motion not long after the creation of man. True and lasting freedom is the deliberate act of God as Father who set in motion the plan to break the power of bondage over His creation. If a child in raised in a prison, it is virtually impossible for him to imagine any other environment. Yet the dissatisfaction of the heart whispers to the prisoner that he was born for a greater purpose. That is why the enemy works overtime to make it difficult for one to hear the voice of his Maker. He does not mind if a caricature of Christ is presented; Christ as entertainment, and Church to be entertained and enjoyed is fine with him, rather than a Church seeking the things that please the Lord. Religion then becomes, as Karl Marx once called it, “the opiate of the masses.” False fires of religious fervor, void of true and intense worship, present wrong opinions of God. They do not see Jesus as He is, but rather as personalities and celebrities in the music industry, and pulpits that do more harm than good, influence them to see Him. The devil applauds such efforts because they do the harm that advances his purpose.  It is the repeat of his statement in the Garden, “Hath not God said…?”  True religion convicts the heart at its deepest level. It awakens the individual to the reality of truth by reestablishing God’s authority in their lives.  It does not lower the standard, but rather presents Christ as the Standard and the Standard Bearer. We must cast ourselves at the foot of the Cross and rely completely on God’s mercy and grace provided through our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Only through the finished work of Jesus Christ on Calvary can true freedom be experienced. It is in His work in us, and His continuously living His life through us, that we both attain and enjoy true freedom.  The Spirit of Christ functioning in our hearts makes the love of God our motive rather than restrictions and set rules. When we are set free to love and to serve God completely,  we have the freedom that will last forever. John 8:36  “If the Son therefore shall make you free, ye shall be free indeed. (KJV)