“God is far higher than you can imagine, far deeper than you can comprehend.” Job 11:8 (MSG)

Dimensions of God extend far beyond our imaginations. It is impossible for any of us to contain what is to be known of God within our minds. Even those with vivid imaginations one can create fiction with such realism as to draw out tender emotions from the coldest of hearts. Yet much is left wanting in comparison to the majesty of God. There are no limits to Him. The only way to describe Him is through the use of superlatives in comparison and in contrast to what is known. He is higher than the heavens. He is deeper than Sheol, or the depths of hell. There are some who cannot accept what they cannot fully understand. They restrict themselves to the finiteness of their own minds and cannot be expanded to understand spiritual things. Only those who believe on His Name are given the opportunity to explore the depths of God. Throughout eternity, the mysteries of His Kingdom will forever be our quest and our joy in their fulfillment. We now see it, we have the privilege to enter into it, and ultimately we will know its mysteries as we explore its height, width, breadth, and depth throughout eternity.