“He grants the barren woman a home, like a joyful mother of children.” Ps 113:9

The exercise of affection in guiding the household and caring for children produces a joy in the heart of mothers. She was made to love her children and to maintain the household in which she has the pleasure to occupy. But what if there was no household to care for, nor child to guide? It would leave the woman who has the affection deep within without an outlet to express the innate love given to women. Yet God provides for her a home. Instead of being homeless, her place is in Christ with God. He draws her close to Himself so that nothing is lacking in her life. She will find in Him a satisfaction as joyful as that of a mother of children. It is only when she allow her mind to be influenced by thoughts of being incomplete will she be drawn away from the richness of God’s love. To some the circumstance is temporal until she is granted the privilege of mothering, while with others, her devotion is to be given over to God absolutely with a special grace to be drawn nearer each day. God will give her joy that is equal to what some mothers experience and surpassing many who do not have the right perspective godly motherhood. He has full knowledge of every woman’s lot in life and provides grace accordingly. None is cursed to a state of restlessness if He is acknowledged. He provides a home for those who will to live in Him.