“Nevertheless, when the Son of Man comes, will He really find faith on the earth?”  Luke 18:8

Not the faith released to enable us to initially respond to Him. That is our starting point. There is also a faith that sustains us along the way. When it is difficult and sometimes impossible to see what lies ahead, active faith would find the faithful waiting and anticipating whatever God is about to do. They will accept His will even when they do not fully understand it. It is a state of the soul and mind of saying yes to God even before the question is asked. Many have leaned to their own understanding and are moving in a direction that pleases themselves. But the Son of Man is coming back. He does not give warning, but immediately appears on the scene. Then the Truth will be made known. All pretense is exposed as error, and hypocrisy is uncovered as evil. When He comes, He will reward the faithful. Those who continued to withstand the pressures of compromise brought to bear against them will be rewarded. He will find them wherever they may have been driven for true faith is like a magnet to Him. It has attracted us to Him and He will prove the fact that He is attracted to us. Even though faith will be a rare commodity, nevertheless it will survive among the faithful. Some will remain as witnesses of His grace and carriers of His testimony. He will find faith hidden in their hearts.