“And I thank Christ Jesus our Lord who has enabled me, because He counted me faithful, putting me into the ministry” 1 Timothy 1:12

The challenges of ministry are constant. There are always important things to do and areas of significance in need of being addressed. It is too easy to take the path of least resistance and say what would be pleasing to the masses and tickling to the ear. But the call of God is a call to faithfulness and dedication to a cause that is greater than any man. It is that call to which we must be faithful. Our efforts are not to be carried out as others who would place professionalism over character. If we are to most effectively carry out the call that is upon our lives, we must first be faithful to the God who has called us. He is the Great Teacher who will make known both His Word and His ways. It requires the discipline of character so that we are able to listen to Him first before we speak. Then our lives become of message and we live a message and not just speak one.

We do not merely choose this path, but follow after what has be both chosen for us along with the grace to walk as no other. Sometimes alone, and at other times with companions who see with us the significance of what God has given us for themselves. I thank God for His placements, and preservation of the greatest gift one could ever receive, His Son who ministers through us. May He continue to receive the honor and glory that He so richly deserve!