Although the State served a bill of divorce to the Church many years ago, they have remained cordial to each other. Now that the divorce is final, hostilities have brooded on the part of a State that despises even the mention of her former spouse’s name. His memory gives rise to hatred as if all oppressions suffered in her past were the result of his cruelty and negative influence over her life. Now that she is free, her state of affairs express an opposing view in all that he attempted to instill as a standard. Now the Church, as a jilted lover, is willing to accept any innuendoes of kindness on her part as a signal that reconciliation may be possible.

The visible Church in America has opened its doors wide to influences and voices that speak flattering words yet lack the ability to deliver on any of its promises. It is a reactionary measure to avoid obvious pitfalls for subversive and subtle nuances that are just as dangerous, but cloaked with contradicting rhetoric. The state of the nation is expressed by the will of the people. People choose their candidates for political office, and their choices reflect their current state. Whoever is elected is merely a way to determine the basis on which this nation now stands and not the basis from which it was founded. Even though the system has always been flawed, the intent was to move in the direction of a more perfect union. Perfection is no longer the case while the imperfections are currently being celebrated. The Church was intended to be the conscience of a nation, but now the conscience has been seared as with a hot iron. Does it matter any longer as to whether the persons representing us are honest or not? Are we really being honest with ourselves? The presence of the Church ought to remind the State of God’s standard of righteousness. When the salt has lost its saltiness, it is good for nothing but be trampled over as if it was nothing but pavement. These are the consequences when the Church’s influence is being ignored, influenced by worldliness, or tainted by the current trends that opposes God’s standard.

When God’s standard of righteousness becomes arbitrary and is interpreted within the context of fallen humanity’s vices and considered as a progressive view of reality, we are doomed to the demise of society. The faulty theology of those who attempt to reconcile vices and virtue reinforce error and society loses its coherence. For everything, absolutely everything, above and below, visible and invisible, rank after rank after rank of angels — everything got started in him and finds its purpose in him. (17) He was there before any of it came into existence and holds it all together right up to this moment. (18) And when it comes to the church, he organizes and holds it together, like a head does a body.” (Message Paraphrase Colossians 1:16-18) Candidates running for political office may try to integrate spiritual language into their vocabulary, but if the intent is to say what is right without believing in what is right, they will find themselves stumbling over their own tongues. What’s the difference between flip-flop and flimflam? They both involve telling the people what they want to hear for the sake of gaining their trust, or moreover, their vote.

I encourage you to vote your conscience in this election. But before you pull the lever, check and make sure that your conscience has been conditioned and not hardened so that the tenderness of God’s love through the Person of His Son, Jesus Christ, may reach you. Even if you stand at the crossroads like so many of us who prayerfully stand between two positions where our faith is not represented, ask the question…What led to this dilemma and what will we do moving forward so that we may never have to face this moral crisis again?