“Your shepherds slumber, O king of Assyria; Your nobles rest in the dust. Your people are scattered on the mountains, and no one gathers them.” Nahum 3:18

The sheep have wandered away from the fold, each sheep in search for greener pastors. Because each has gone its own way, they are prey to the attacks of animals that make food of them. It is not the disobedience of the sheep, but the silence of the shepherds that are sleep and the leaders rest in the dust. There is no warning, nor guidance given to the straying folds. Shepherds must be awake and aware of the dangers lurking behind rocks and hiding in caves. It is the voice of the Shepherd who never sleeps nor slumbers that guide the under-shepherds. They too are sheep and it is required that they be awaken to righteousness. This is the time for gathering those who would be gathered, not gathered to a spectacular event or to a personality. The truth must be the clarion call coming making a distinct sound as a rallying cry to all who name the name of Jesus Christ. Deception is rampant today and many are misguided and apathetic. The song of the world has lulled them to sleep, while the awakened sheep have gone astray. Pray that the alarm will be heard among leaders and people that leaders would wake up, and that the people would line up.