“Let’s decide which of us is in the right. God may avenge me, but it is in his hands, not mine.” (MSG) 1 Samuel 24:12

We are in a battle for the souls of men. The opposition has the populous vote and has gained momentum over the years. It often appears as if we are on the losing side while vices seem to be virtuous. What the fathers of our faith established is now under attack led by those who ought to be defenders of the faith. Their creeds have been reinterpreted or altogether ignored. Their values have been viewed as obsolete and often amended. Who is listening while God is yet speaking through the faithful few? There are those who are willing to stand against the winds of adversity and defy the storms of error that are unleashed in order to overtake, if possible the very elect. Let God decide who is right and who is wrong. God will avenge His elect. Truth crushed to the earth will rise again. The argument of who is right and who is wrong will eventually be settled. It will not be a draw between two opposing views. God know those who are His and will avenge His own, but it is in His hands and not ours.