“Known to God from eternity are all His works.” Acts 15:18-19

What may appear as a difficulty or even defeat for many who are engaged in the works of God is no more than a part of a sentence in a completed story. The script has been written and complete while each has entered onto the stage with an assignment. It is only when everything comes together as the Author has prearranged, will we fully understand the significance of portions that does not seem to make any sense. “Known to God from eternity are all His works.” God has always known what He is about to do next in time because it is already established in eternity. This little stretch of time, in the vastness of eternity, is like a little boat in the sea. There is much more to life than we have been given to know and understand. That is why life often doesn’t make sense. Some would think that God doesn’t make any sense, because their judgments of Him are based upon the little knowledge made known to man. God’s will is that we participate with Him in what He is doing. There we will find both rest and peace. There is an eternal purpose, a God-given task to which the sons of men ought to be occupied. As we are faithful to align ourselves with His will, He will then show us from His perspective more of what He is all about. All is contained in Jesus Christ, His Son.