“…and they came to Him from every direction.” Mark 1:45

The courses of many people were redirected to the place where Jesus could be found. At that time He was not to be found in the open marketplaces of the city, but rather in a deserted place. It did not matter for those who are seriously in pursuit of Him; they are willing to go out of their way to be with Him.

There are many activities in which people are involved. Some of them must be attended to while others are mere distractions. Those intimate moments with Him can only occur when we alter our plans if necessary, to be with Him. Whatever is our priority will determine the direction in which we are willing to travel. They came from various places in order to come to Jesus. Wherever you may have been is no longer the matter, it is where you are going from where you are that is important. There is a secret place where Jesus is awaiting your arrival. It is not in the busy places where the distractions would only afford Him a little window of time to share with you. He is outside the camp of the majority. He is in the deserted place where He alone may be able to receive your undivided attention and give the same to you. Your new direction must lead to His deserted place. He is waiting for you there!