Each year, we highlight a focus for our lives and this ministry. As we pursue our goals, we invite others to join us and challenge them to seek what we believe to be a God-inspired vision. With the advancement of evil in this world and the decline among those who have totally committed their lives to Christ, the wakeup call to true saints requires the advancement of the Kingdom. The battle weary take the last bit of strength left within them to stand, and with weapons in hand and an increasing number surmounting against them, the troops must rally against the enemy. Too much is at stake, for if we wave the white flag, then our surrender is a statement that our God is not able to deliver us. But when defeat appears to be inevitable, our God speaks His Word, and the very power of His Word is enough to overwhelm the strongest opposition!

We have not underestimated the strategies and strength of our enemy, nor are we ignorant of his devices. The influences of secular media have turned the tide of would-be worshipers of God into idols in the form of superstars and self. The technological advancements that could be used for good or bad, where knowledge parts from faith rather than knowledge rooted in faith, have caused many to question the very existence of God. The spread and popularity of false religions that appeal to those who are disappointed with diluted expressions of Christianity are now defecting to these more exotic expressions. Many of the proponents of false religion are honest, but misinformed. Often, their commitment is stronger than those who have a general knowledge of the truth. With a resolve to give their all to what they believe, if they could be convinced that there is something more, they would pour all of their energies and use their influence in defense of the Faith that was once for all delivered to the saints. Although the influence and strength of the enemy is diverse, far reaching, and great, we know that our God is greater!

The opportunity is greater than ever before for Christ’s witnesses to take their rightful stand. What has been entrusted to us is most needed as always, but now in an age of spiritual decline, we are able to take the lead. Peaceful negotiations are cautiously entered into with the potential of broken agreements and alliances with allies possibly turning into enemies. Who can we trust? What can we rely upon? What God has always said He is still saying… “Trust in the Lord and do not lean to your own understanding. Acknowledge Him in all your ways and He will direct your paths.” The expanse of His government and peace shall have no end. His Kingdom is established within the heart of individuals and not a system imposed upon the masses. The result influences existing governments, families, and wherever and however people may be joined together. As we put special effort into preaching the message of the Kingdom of God, it is with the intent that the conditions where we find ourselves in will cause many to reconsider what God is saying. My prayer is that we hear the right message so that we might be rightly joined together and grow up in Him in every area of our lives. Let’s do our best to advance the Kingdom!