“ And He said to them, “It is not for you to know…” Acts 1:7

We must diligently pursue knowledge. There is so much to know and the subjects are so vast. With the invention of the internet, information can be gathered in moments where in times past it may have taken weeks, months, and even years. It is not to our advantage to merely gather in facts, but getting wisdom to rightly apply knowledge is more important than the knowledge alone. The question asked by the disciple of Jesus was a legitimate question. “Will You at this time restore the kingdom again to Israel?” It had to do with the fulfillment of prophecies and the rightful place of Israel. Jesus’ answer did not resolve their challenges, but rather challenged them. He told them that they was not privy to the information, but was privy to what was required for them to fully participate in fulfilling the prophecies.

God does not always answer us as we would have Him to answer us, but further prepares us for participation in what He is doing. Knowledge becomes wisdom once one is totally involved in the process. And the only way to be totally involved is to receive what is needed for full participation. It is not an answer that we always need, but the power to execute once the information has been communicated. Too many people are just interested in knowing for the sake of knowing. God’s challenge to us is to receive from Him His Spirit and power. Then it is no longer a matter of just knowing, but making known to others what Christ has made known to us.