“When the proper time has come [for executing My judgments], I will judge uprightly [says the Lord].”  Psalms 75:2 (AMP)

Things are allowed to run their course until God steps in and established His proper order. The free range field in which the heart is permitted to run allows each the chance to choose whichever course is suitable to him. We explore the mountainous heights of dreams and aspirations of grandeur and become kings of our own castles. We visit make-believe worlds of fantasy as children playing roles of both villain and saint. Then the time comes to grow up. We are expected to shoulder the responsibility expected of sons of the Most High. But for some, life remains a fantasyland and the exploration of self-interest has so enraptured the heart to prevent it from receiving the stabilizing truth which will take us even beyond the limits of our own imaginations. God judges the heart in the proper time. He alone distinguishes the difference between what is twisted and what is straight. He reveals His standard to the wayward and pronounces death to all that does measure up to it. Everything that brings Him glory is for our good. We are being prepared for our future state of ruling and reigning with Him. He takes away the distracting influences that deflect our attention away from what He knows is righteous and good and establishes in its place true holiness.