“Take heed to yourself and to the doctrine. Continue in them, for in doing this you will save both yourself and those who hear you.”  1 Timothy 4:16

Doctrines have been the dividing line among many within the Church. The debate over doctrine has split brethren from fellowshipping with each other. And some who do not understand the importance of doctrine may either generalize all beliefs as being of equal value or dismiss all beliefs as being false. Doctrine or didache is teaching or what is taught. Right teaching or instructions will produce righteous living. Paul was admonishing Timothy to pay attention to how his own character was being developed in relation to what was being taught.

Is there an adherence to the Word of God bringing you into conformity to a godly standard? This can only take place when you continue in the original instructions which brought you to salvation, and build upon the foundation of those truths that which leads to spiritual maturity. Once you veer away to the left or to the right of the road rather than remaining on the path of truth, your capabilities to discern will be compromised.  The life of the instructor and the life of the student must remain focused on the Chief Shepherd of our souls. Then the Holy Spirit can correct what is in need of correction in both. The student will not be trying to overtake the teacher neither will the teacher attempt to overtake God. Proper order will be established in order for Jesus to get His message through to all who are willing to learn from Him.