“Don’t fool yourself into thinking that you are a listener when you are anything but, letting the Word go in one ear and out the other. Act on what you hear!”James 1:22 (The Message)

             The application of biblical principles is the fuel for a revelation. A revolution is necessary when the direction of government, education, the economy, entertainment, and religion is on a collision course with the will of God. The alteration in reasoning allows room for the majority to intellectually argue their point in defense of error. Even when godlessness makes sense and explanations for foolish decisions make one appear to be wise, the end result remains the same; what is believed is fatal. Therefore, a revolution is needed today in order to rescue our generation from self-destruction.

Although the potency and power of God is contained within the simple truths spoken, that power can only be released when the principles are applied. All truth is God’s truth. Truth is not always the way it appears because much of what is in process has yet to be fully revealed. Truth abides when it possesses the ability to survive the contrary winds that attempt to contradict it. Truth outlasts the scrutiny of critics and naysayers who observe the current scene, limiting their reality to what is sensed or visibly known. God never asked us what we may feel about truth in order to make it truthful. Our task is to pursue what He knows and to seek emotional alignment with His will. Our feelings ought to be subjective while His word remains objective.

Few have seen the benefit of God’s truth in full operation, thereby dismissing it as being non-effective and obsolete. It has been misinterpreted by some who approach it void of understanding of its meaning. Others, however, reinterpret the meaning by attributing whatever meaning may fit their fancy. Each category of people does much harm to the work of the Kingdom of God by placing stumbling blocks in the way of multitudes which would otherwise enter into an experience that produces peace within and without.

The Word is to be both taught and applied rightly if one is ever to experience the full benefit of God’s love. In a love-starved world, people search for significance and the meaning of life while too many die never knowing why they were born. The antidote to violence, sexual promiscuity, and all other vices in the world is purpose. To live intentionally with true values and goals creates adventure in life. The pacification of being overly stimulated through entertainment alone is insufficient, but the adventure that comes when you know that you are making a difference in the world is what endures.

I am designing a workshop for those who wish to tap into their God-given creativity in order to function at their fullest potential. The objective is to eliminate the excuses that are so often offered for the failures in life. You were born for a reason and created to give expression to an aspect of your Creator. I believe that God is able to give everyone a greater measure of success than they ever realized was possible. We need to become more than hearers of the Word, or even proclaimers of the Word. We are to become doers of the Word that we have both heard and proclaimed.