“Now I will rise,” says the Lord; “Now I will be exalted, Now I will lift Myself up.” Isaiah 33:10

God rises above the heights of the loftiest mountains. He rises above the ingenuity of the wisest men on the face of the earth. Many who have settled for a level of truth based upon what can enter into the minds of men. But when He is exalted, no thought could ever be stretched to dimensions known only to Him. His judgments provide proof that we are wrong in our assessments of life and things excluding Him yet deemed to be important. He exposes the frailty of everything that did not originate from Him and remain attached to Him. God was awaiting the right moment in time, when unbelief had reached its peak among the doubters and skeptics. While those who believed on Him anticipated His return, eagerly longing for His rule and reign to be established among men on earth. Thy Kingdom come, Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven.