“Teach me to do Your will, for You are my God.” Ps 143:10

We often look to God with questions of bewilderment and doubt wondering why God does not give more attention to what we want and consider as important.  Sometimes it seems as if the heavens are as brass when we pray our prayers and put forth our best effort to do our thing. He awaits our desire to be rightly taught before we engage in endless pursuits for worthless gain. The things that matter most await those who are willing to be instructed rightly. “Lord teach me to know Your will first that I may do the things I have been instructed to do.”  We were born to cooperate with God in what He is doing. Every other effort will ultimately end in frustration and ruin. He alone is God and His will is to be known by and through all of His creation. “You are God. That is enough for every creature to know. But more importantly, You are my God. That says it all!