“All the labor of man is for his mouth, and yet the soul is not satisfied.” Ecclesiastes 6:7

The work of man’s hands may satisfy his immediate but not his ultimate need. Hard work is required for one to eat his bread and provide for his family. Yet there are needs beyond the immediate but requiring immediate attention. The deep longing within the soul is the discontent appearing to have no solution. It drives many to activities in search of relieving the tension and the endless desire of the heart. The mind seeks new adventures but after the episode has ended, the soul is left wanting more than what it had just experienced. This is the Jesus shaped void within every man that only He is able to fill. The fulfilled person can find pleasure in life thus integrating all of his labor into worship. God provides for him the strength to work as well as rest. His rest is sweet because his thoughts are established and not left to wander in the direction of things that may bring pleasure for a moment but misery for a lifetime.