The world is changing at neck-breaking pace. Opinions are shifting in different directions and it is becoming more difficult to identify with individuals who adhere to the old standards of morality that appear archaic to a burgeoning moral system. The leaders of today study trends and patterns in order to keep tempo with the rest of the world. They logically conclude that if they do not change, and both methodologies and taboos are not destroyed, there can be no progress.

People continue to encroach up the line of demarcation, yet few oppose this egregious action. The gradual conditioning of our generation’s mass mind has prepared it for the societal changes without objection. There is a sense of camaraderie among those whose moral judgments keep them separated from others who remain indifferent to moral dilemmas. The question on the table is, “now that we have gotten these things out of the way, where are we headed?” This is a generation that has greater freedoms to do as they please, but lack direction to do what is wise. When we settle on hedonistic pursuits rather than what is right, we create a recipe for disaster. Once guiding principles are absent from our moral landscape, it is only a matter of time before the collapse in morality triggers a domino effect that erodes the economy, heightens criminal activity, and sparks the search for answers in places where they cannot be found. We desperately need a moral compass. Are we progressing or are we losing ground in the battle for the heart and soul of this generation? Every year, the criminal mind continues to develop earlier in children because even at a young age, pivotal decisions rest on their shoulders regarding the life they choose to live.

There are no paternal and maternal influences to guide them in the decision making process. This is being taken away in the form of children’s rights and jeopardizes parental rights to govern their own households. Yes, it is true that abusive behavior must be regulated and restricted, but now there are questions as to the definition of abuse. The State of Georgia tried a case where a parent was accused of invading the privacy of the child by kicking down the door to the room while the child was being stubborn and insubordinate. Is this intrusion when rebellion dwells in the household and order is enforced by children rather than law officials? This issue raises questions as to the extent of governmental involvement in policing the home of those who uphold the standards, methodologies, and morays from past generations. If we are not careful, it will be against the law to preach the Word of God lest someone be offended. Then those who uphold a biblical perspective will be considered our modern day criminals while the morally and spiritually bankrupt Barabbses will be celebrated.

There is a tremendous need for established absolutes in order to become a principled nation. The only absolute is God and the only way to know Him is through the preaching of His Word. Our prayer is that somebody is listening and paying attention to the shifts that have taken place and the shifts that are yet to come. If nothing more is done than what is being done now, we are in deep trouble. But the Word of God has been given to us. God is yet speaking to us that we might be changed. Hear His voice and do not allow the shifts of society to harden your hearts.