Meditation: May 14

“We know that we are of God, and the whole world lies under the sway of the wicked one” (1John 5:16).

The contrast between light and darkness is becoming more apparent and on different fronts. There are those who stand outside of what now is now considered to be the norm because they continue to uphold a standard that appears archaic. The tried and proven truths are constantly being challenged and tested. Yet they are able to withstand all the shifting currents of modernity. If we did not know that we were of God, even those who may be in places where worship is accepted would be in doubt. Those who know that they are of God have His Spirit as their guarantee and confirmation. He makes it known to them to whom they belong. We are of God, and the whole world lies under the sway of the wicked one. He shakes all things that can be shaken in order for only the truth and children of wisdom to remain. Doctrines that appeal to the vanity of the mind have become widespread and are flourishing. When all who could be deceived would have gone their own way, the Son of God will be revealed affirming those who have God’s seal of approval. We know that we are of God, but God also know those who are His.

Meditation: May 13

“Whenever the cloud was taken up from above the tabernacle, the children of Israel would go onward in all their journeys” (Exodus 40:36).

The glory cloud would settle the potential disputes among the children of Israel as to whether or not it was time to proceed on their journey. Otherwise there would have been unsettled arguments in interpreting the right season to advance, and even who had the authority to give the orders to move on. Moses alone was able to approach Mt. Sinai where the smoke ascended from the fire with the lightning, thunder, and earthquakes because the Lord had descended upon it. He had ascended into the very cloud that covered them and guided them along the way. Now the instructions given to them by Moses were received as instructions from Almighty God. The power of God has not diminished over time. Rather it was wrapped in human flesh. The unapproachable became approachable in Christ Jesus. Now it is His Word that must guide and govern our lives. When His Word is spoken, the glory cloud is lifted that we may go onward in all our journeys. Without His grace, we are exposed to the enemy of our faith and in danger of going astray. But if the Word of God settles our disputes and we are committed to reach the journey’s end, He will be there to protect us from all things that would otherwise impede our progress.

Meditation: May 12

“How precious also are Your thoughts to me, O God! How great is the sum of them!” (Psalm 139:17).

The mind of the ungodly is perplexed by what exists beyond his reach. He has rested upon his opinions of life and love, and as a result never known either. His restlessness drives him in dual directions thus condemning him to a divided life. The evidence of God cannot be completely ignored, but an admission of God’s existence would contradict the natural passions that demand attention. But the believer knows that God’s mind is constantly focused upon him. Therefore he is aware that his life is lived under the scrutiny of the only One who will give special attention to details. He knows our fame and frailties, but intensely works upon and within us to produce what He wills. He never gives up but maintains His attention upon His beloved. We learn to trust Him for the outcome of yielding everything to Him. The knowledge of God stabilizes us and saves us from the inner wars of the ungodly to produce the peace that passes all understanding.

Meditation: May 11

“Beloved, if God so loved us, we also ought to love one another” (1John 4:11).

God’s love obligates us without force. We are rather persuaded by His love if it is authentic. As we grow in knowledge of the dimensions of the love released from the Father through the Son to us, our confidence in Him increases. To know His love is to know that He has our best interest at heart. We are secure in Him with a positive expectation for the future. The present challenges are but temporary while God is working behind the scene for our good. The challenge to love others is usually stifled by our own insecurities. When there is a question regarding our own acceptance, we would have the tendency to hoard whatever we may have the opportunity to possess or manage. The knowledge of His love liberates us to love others. If we know that God so loved us, our response that His love is working in us ought to be translated into loving one another. If we cannot love one another, the question is not in relation to them but in relation to Him. To know His love is to release His love towards the objects of His affection.

Meditation: May 10

“Jesus answered, ‘Neither this man nor his parents sinned, but that the works of God should be revealed in him’ ” (John 9:3).

It was customary for sicknesses and diseases to be directly associated with an act of sin. A blind man who was born that way was in question as to whether it was his sin or his parent’s sin. The disciples looked backwards into the man’s past, while Jesus was looking forward. Many things may have contributed to situations being as they were. Sin is the root cause of all sicknesses and diseases, but the sin debt has been paid once and for all. It is not just the act of sin but sin itself. In a fallen world, conditions exist among many without a direct cause. But the Son of God was manifested that He might destroy the works of the devil. As we look unto Jesus and allow His Spirit to work in us without fleshly interference, the works of God will be revealed in us that Christ may be glorified in our flesh. Look forward on behalf of the lost and the misinformed. Jesus is the author and the finisher of our faith.

“Mother, the Womb, that Incubates Potential”-Pastor Woodrow Walker, II

The attachment of mother and child is the closest natural relationship on earth. There are so many lessons illustrated through the dynamic union created by God for the procreation of the human race. In her womb, she carries and nurtures it as it develops into a matured life that is ready to pass through the birth canal. Her body goes through a metamorphosis in preparation for the day of delivery. Everything she does leading up to that moment has an effect upon the precious gift from God that she carries. It parallels the Creation narrative when the Holy Spirit incubated over the face of the waters and waited for the spoken Word of Father God. After God said the words, “Let there be,” the Holy Spirit moved in an effort to make what was spoken to become. Similarly, God spoke His Word over each of us when He said “Let there be” over you. Your being was kept and formed in the secret place of your mother’s womb.
The future of the world is contained in seed form, where everything reproduces after its own kind. Yet, it develops into its ultimate state according to how it is nurtured. It is as if God allows children to be born to perpetuate His purpose and design for your lineage. Your bloodline would be incomplete without you. No individual on earth mysteriously enters into this life, for there was a seed brought forth that contained within it the history of the lineage of the father. Fatherhood in the Hebrew language is Pater, meaning, “brought forth from.” All things are of God and unto God, our Heavenly Father. The newborn child does not know his lineage or the potential of fulfilling his or her destiny. The mother feeds her child with what God gives it from within herself, and it feeds on all that is needed for the life to grow. Yet the mystery remains as to what the child is yet to become.

The instinctive cry of a child alerts her of her child’s need. She responds to unformed words and interprets the need and the heart of her child. The child, over time, learns how to communicate responsively. The mother instructs her child in ways to construct its emotional frame. Concurrently, we see the work of the Holy Spirit in the way she leads her child. He meets our needs, nurtures and instructs us on how we ought to respond. Even when there is nothing but deep groans, they make sense to Him as He interprets the inarticulate. There must be an established standard nurtured for children to grow healthily. If rebellion is nurtured, the child will grow up thinking that any act, regardless of how wrong, is justified. The world is a vicious and violent place to live, and in a godless and fatherless environment, instructions are scarce as to the governing principles of our lives. Fathers ought to provide for mothers a standard and provisions for that the accompaniment of nurture to have it fullest effect.

When Jesus was being crucified and hanging on the cross, He took time out of His suffering to speak to His disciple, John, saying to him, “Behold Thy mother.” What He was saying to John was, “What I have received from My Father and have given to you, use it to take care of My mother and treat her has your own.” Why was this moment so special? Jesus was expressing His appreciation for the thirty-three years of nurturing and love that He received from her. Jesus was reminded of her value in His life and the encouragement He received from her throughout His many years of life and ministry. He was saying to John, “treat her as I would treat her. The acts of kindness I had received, treat her as if it was you instead of Me.” Now as we celebrate our mothers, let us remember that God gave her to us as His gift. Love her as Jesus loved His mother, for the potency of His love is expressed through her.

Meditation: May 9

“The Son of Man came eating and drinking, and they say, ‘Look, a glutton and a winebibber, a friend of tax collectors and sinners!’ But wisdom is justified by her children” (Matthew 11:19).

Sinners flocked around Jesus and loved to be his companions, while the religious found Him to be repulsive and were made to feel uncomfortable. Prostitutes and publicans followed Him around without feeling intimidated, but sought Him out knowing that they would not be condemned. He would not give license to sin, but rather all of the works of the devil would be destroyed by Him. He would judge the judges of men who would place heavy burdens upon their shoulders. He would come into the Temple and turn over the tables of the money changers. His life was paradoxical to most because it appeared as if He would tolerate the very things in others that by His nature, He despised. Sinners, publicans, and the poor gladly received the Gospel because they knew that their lives did not measure up to His standard. Therefore, they received Him gladly as one who would be thought of as rejecting Him, while those who are religious often saw themselves as superior to His standard and in violation to it. Jesus loves sinners, and saints are to love what He loves. He came to seek and to save that which was lost.

Meditation: May 8

“Then He said to the disciple, ‘Behold your mother!’ ” (John 19:27).

Jesus made an oral testament to John, the beloved disciple, to provide as He would for her after His death. It was a binding agreement in the company of others, if accepted, to care for her needs as the second oldest son. Even though there were other children, his responsibility was to treat her as He would treat her in absentia. John, knowing Jesus, was to compensate for the void that would otherwise be in her life. This example is a challenge to every son and daughter to consider the needs of parents. To honor our father and mother is to provide for them what is needed. Jesus told John to look carefully at the woman that would become his mother. And He told His mother, Mary, to look carefully at the man who would become her son. A new relationship was forged at that very moment. As we look at our mothers, if we could for a moment see what Jesus saw in His own mother. She was the vessel chosen by God for Him to enter into the earth. We owe a great degree of gratitude to our mothers, regardless of their weaknesses. They were the chosen vessels from which we were born.

Meditation: May 7

“He grants the barren woman a home, like a joyful mother of children” (Psalm 113:9).

The exercise of affection in guiding the household and caring for children produces a joy in the heart of mothers. She was made to love her children and to maintain the household in which she has the pleasure to occupy. But what if there was no household to care for, nor child to guide? It would leave the woman who has the affection deep within without an outlet to express the innate love given to women. Yet God provides a home for her. Instead of being homeless, her place is in Christ with God. He draws her close to Himself so that nothing is lacking in her life. She will find in Him a satisfaction as joyful as that of a mother of children. It is only when she allows her mind to be influenced by thoughts of being incomplete will she be drawn away from the richness of God’s love. To some, the circumstance is temporary until she is granted the privilege of mothering, while with others, her devotion is to be given over to God absolutely with a special grace to be drawn nearer each day. God will give her joy that is equal to what some mothers experience and surpassing many who do not have the right perspective of godly motherhood. He has full knowledge of every woman’s lot in life and provides grace accordingly. None is cursed to a state of restlessness if He is acknowledged. He provides a home for those who will to live in Him.

Meditation: May 6

“If the ax is dull, and one does not sharpen the edge, Then he must use more strength; But wisdom brings success” (Ecclesiastes 10:10).

The energy and strength exerted by the man who tries to figure things out on his own is constantly exerted. Yet the results are minimal because it is only mind challenging matter. The mind cannot achieve all that is desired when the axe is dull. But when God sharpens the edge, His Spirit begins to work and the prayer on earth is answered from heaven. God sharpens our axe in order to allow us to work with wisdom guiding us along the way. The Eternal God uses His faculties seeing the end before the beginning. He knows what it takes beforehand for the children of God to accomplish His will. We have a sharper cutting edge when we pray continually and do not lean to our own understanding. Then when His Word is spoken, it is sensible because the heart has been prepared to make room for the truth. Each moment must count with eternity in view. The wise seeks after wisdom and more is given to him. But the fool thinks that he has already attained it, thus grows more foolish. Success awaits us but we must maintain our cutting edge.