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Meditation: January 16

“And He has made from one blood every nation of men to dwell on all the face of the earth” (Acts 17:26). 

Our common ancestry unites us all into the human species. We are a species of beings to which God has given special attention. All may not be aware of it, but God has given His undivided attention to mankind. All created things have been set in motion to affect him in some way or another. He has been allowed to provide care for every created thing that dwells on the earth. The Dominion Mandate given to Adam is to be given expression through us. We are fearfully and wonderfully made. To understand our physiology would be more than remarkable because, in spite of our significant knowledge, there is much more yet to be discovered. The question as to why we were made remains unanswered and even “unasked’ by modern science which does not delve into thoughts that appear to have no answers. If we are honest with ourselves, deep life questions always lead to the question of God. And if there is any evidence in nature around us or in our human nature that reveals the wonders of God, we are forced to acknowledge His existence. And if He exists, we are compelled to inquire into what He wills for our lives. We occupy both time and space in order to know the Lord and to make Him known. Our peace is joined to our mission. We benefit from what we share with others. 

It is the pride and arrogance on the part of some who refuse to identify with others of the same species, because they see themselves as being better or more advantaged. He divided us into nations as people-groups, yet distance does not change family structures for the care that ought to remain even when we are apart from each other. God’s will is for us to care about others. Our concern must stretch across the borders of the sea, but it must also stretch across the borders of streets. We would be blind to the part we are to play in the lives of others, unless we seek the Lord in order for His love for every nation to flow through us. Conditions can change in our cities, streets, and surrounding neighborhoods as well as in our own lives and families. God’s intentions for humanity are sought by those who profess to know Him. He would allow the Church to give a fuller expression of His love through spiritual unity among believers. 

Our God is one and the people that dwell on the face of the earth are one people. Thus, there is a singular purpose for the whole of His creation. None are able to function rightly without the knowledge of his/her Creator. Those who refuse to seek after God are left to themselves to discover the true meaning of life and his/her own personal existence. We came from one life-giving Source. Our blood or bloodline is traced all the way back to Adam. Therefore, his sin is our sin because we carry within us the same DNA as his; but God redeemed us 

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Woodrow Walker, II
Woodrow Walker, II
Pastor Woodrow Walker, II is the Founder and Senior Pastor of Cross Culture Church in Lithonia, Georgia Ordained in 1963, Pastor Walker served in ministry in the St. Louis, Missouri area before relocating to Atlanta, Georgia in 1978. In 1980, under the guidance and inspiration of the Holy Spirit, Pastor Walker founded Abundant Life Church (now Cross Culture Church) with a global vision of bridging the gap, changing mindsets and transforming cultures to the standard of Christ.

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